The Taurus-Scorpio Eclipse energy is present. Recall last year’s Full Moon on Nov. 19, 2021, in Taurus, plus the Scorpio New Moon on Nov. 4, 2021. What took place in your life? What shifts in your body, mind, and environment took place will give you awareness of what’s in store. Connect the dots. The preview occurs before the big bang theory. Now, reflect on last year on May 11, 2021, and May 26, 2021, to fit more pieces into your puzzle. The axis of the North Node in Taurus and the South Node Scorpio at 23 degrees focuses on many areas, with the new moon in Taurus at 10 degrees shining light on it all. To name a few, LOVE of SELF, health, surrender, resources, currency, the soil of the Earth, a rebirthing process, and inherited skills from generations, setting boundaries, management of finances, a phoenix rising from its ashes, recalling past lives, and beautifying the Earth. The Earth wants to feel your energy, so plant a seed and get acquainted with Mother Nature. Dig your hands into the dirt, and you may just feel an electromagnetic shock from Mother Nature saying hello. “Live in each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of each.” Henry David Thoreau

Capricorn: Cappy, you have the spirit of a vanguard with the willpower of a mother lion guarding her cubs. Your environment will give you the resources needed when you involve yourself. The power of self-love and doing for self first is high priority. The remaining days of April find you weeding out the deadwood in your life, while in May, you’re under new management, overseeing things playing out before they present themselves in the physical realm. Acknowledge the hunches, feelings, and things you’re in tune with as information is being sent to you for a cause. There’s no coincidence in the universe. It is what it is! What you make of it determines the outcome.

Aquarius: Where do you think you’re going this cycle? There’s much on your plate, and have you eaten breakfast, lunch, or dinner due to the effort you’re making to complete tasks? Nurture yourself in May before rising and before going to bed, and before assisting others. May can be burdensome with family, work, and doing things differently to increase your energy while staying motivated. Peace, love, harmony, and boundaries are required for your mental strength. Some form of remuneration is due, and this is the cycle to receive it, be it an appreciation, or an act of gratitude. Budget wisely and lay off the sweets.

Pisces: You’re Jupiter’s favorite this year with Venus, Neptune, and Mars combined coming to your rescue this weekly cycle. Give it your all and follow your dreams on a grand scale. Folks are going to hear, see, and want to be involved in your arena. Doubling, triple up, and take action to pursue your heart’s desire and goals. May is nonstop and why should you stop when you’re achieving your goals and the ones that show up unexpectedly which is the universe’s way of assisting you. Be the roadrunner passing the naysayers up, and those who didn’t believe in you. Give them something to talk about and circulate the cosmic energy you’re giving off.

Aries: Peace Aries! What’s on your agenda? Do you have a compass, or are you allowing your heart to guide you where you need to be? Yes, the alignment in the universe is on a mission to initiate new avenues to explore. One is an experience that brings new focus to your perception of life. There’s always more to life to learn, it’s like your current environment is learning a new language or dance. Those a-ha moments. Take notes this month as synchronicity will play a role in your life, especially during the last week of May.

Taurus: Uranus in Taurus transited back on May 15, 2018, and your world may have been shaken up like never before. You’re the leader, teacher, counselor, distributor, reforming a structure, etc. and upgrading the basic traditions by uplifting the community first. Once that occurs you then move to the next level, elevating and vibrating higher into a greater position. This eclipse ushers in a new chapter in your life to leverage more internally. It’s a cycle where you move forward feeling a sense of destiny, or that fate plays a role. You are where you need to be.

Gemini: How are you feeling lately? May is a trigger month of realization for the effort made and the response to your top priority. What are your priorities? Reflection is a process that promotes the mind, body, and spirit to recall and rectify improvements moving forward on your journey. You’re developing a plan and leaving behind an inheritance, a legacy of some kind to pass down to the next generation on a new course. Continue to build on the vision, and you’ll see results by next month.

Cancer: Open the windows and allow air to flow into the home, blowing the dust and debris away. Things are occurring fast, so clean house as unexpected family members, friends just may pop up. Travel is on the calendar, whether it’s running errands, traveling short distances, or connecting with folks from different organizations. May will rekindle things from your past or even the present to get you in alignment with the things you need to know and do.

Leo: May is your month if you want to be incognito; the first week is your best time to do so. The remainder of the month you are in high demand, or something of a superstar, even a high roller. Get used to it. Your community and support from your closest friends are backing and pushing you to the next level. The unanticipated news will arrive at a moment’s notice, whether by reading it, checking your email, or hearing something. Also, observe the things you see for those swift seconds as they are messages in disguise.

Virgo: Your plans are developing just as you imagined them in your mind, but with more meaning and shape. Are you baffled by your own work, as the more you learn and gain, the lighter you become releasing unwanted energy? The body reacts and manifests to what’s on your mind, so what you feed your mind is important. It sends signals down to the food you eat, the people you attract, as well as habits and the things in your environment. Keep the right thoughts to produce the right results while attracting the right people and resources to you.

Libra: Physically and mentally, you’re evolving, and your plans are finally coming together. This week says to push the envelope, along with the paperwork to make it official. It’s more than just living in the mundane world. The object is to be an observer of how things are playing out rather than be the puppet of the show. A twist of fate, destiny with an epiphany is likely to fly through your subconscious mind like lightning bolts. Yes, you’re going through a metamorphosis.

Scorpio: This week is likely to be a doozy with déjà vu moments from out of the blue. When the scenario plays out into the light, take note as you’re already aware. It’s a familiar feeling. The universe works with people, like people playing tic tac toe, keeping score. Emotionally, you’ll probably cry yourself a river, releasing energy that’s been holding on to you, and you hold on to it. Once you do, you’ll feel great. This can also be the victory of finally completing projects or learning new skills.

Sagittarius: This is likely to be a very productive, lucrative week that happens briskly due to your efforts made in the past. Changes within the home and workplace and learning new ways to approach a situation will enhance this cycle. This is a week to rekindle the spark that changes your appearance and tuck money away. Change doesn’t last long, it just aids in the shift of the people, the position, and the things already in place. Ride the waves this month as you sail adventurously to new ground.

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