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The Metropolitan Black Bar Association is hosting their first in-person gala, L.E.A.P. Into Excellence: Return of the Black Bar in two years hosted by award-winning, NY1’s In Focus host and author Cheryl Willis at Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers on May 20. Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is being honored with the Public Servant of the Year Award.

The black-tie evening will celebrate the 2022 legal honorees including: Trailblazer of the Year, Cynthia Bookhart Adams, managing director, Legal and Compliance, Jefferies LLC; Corporate Counsel of the Year, Shannon J. Hales, managing director and general counsel, Citigroup Global Markets Inc.; Jurist of the Year, the Hon. Edwina G. Mendelssohn, deputy chief administrative judge, Office for Justice Initiatives NYS Unified Court Systems; and Private Practitioner of the Year, Tracy Richelle High, partner, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

The 2022 gala co-chairs include: Lori Douglass, partner, Douglass Rademaker LLP; Trey Muldrow, partner, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP; and Rose Pierre Louis, COO, NYU McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy Research. Go to for more information.

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  1. Why honor someone who is obviously either compromised or afraid to go after Donald Trump? The grand jury should be extended or Alvin Bragg replaced. This is infuriating.

  2. how con you honour him when he has no honour he is either corrupt or a coward he has betrayed all the people who collected the evidence against trump the world and his kids are watching and history will remind everyone what a traitor he is

  3. Honored for what? Creating an environment where violent crime is through the roof? Why would they honor the murder and killing of so many innocent people?

  4. Amsterdam News, you need to explain this buffoonery. Am I missing something, or have you people been asleep?

  5. in a earlier comment i said he was either corrupt or a coward what i meant to say was he was ethically or morally corrupt because i think he is gop in dem clothes

  6. This is the “Will Smith Slap” moment for this association and the event hasn’t commenced! Optics is everything.

    I hope Mr. Bragg has a plan and is holding that plan close to the vest. I’m not optimistic at this time.

  7. Really? Simply being elected should not qualify someone for being person of the year. It should be what the person does after he is elected that qualifies him as Public Servant of the Year. What he has done, or failed to do, seems disqualifying. Why are we honoring this person?

  8. The biggest enemy to accountability and police reform are sell out uncle toms like the black bat association, house boy Eric Adam’s, Thomas Clarence, trumps running boy alvin bragg, etc etc etc etc etc.
    I was raised a hippie who.didnt see color but even Ray charles.can see like BLM buying mansions, any “black” group is just like any aipac group. They would sell their own mothers or daughters to be raped if it the price was right.
    The facts are “black” groups just like “white” groups are nothing but green groups at the end of the day.
    If you’re willing to pimp out your own daughter for pay, the black bar association is the “house” for you.
    Now jump boy! Koch and Trump said they don’t pay you for nothing

  9. Honoring Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for what. What are DA Bragg’s accomplishments since being voted into office. He’s dropped the ball with the grand jury proceedings involving Donald Tramp. It leaves question, why ADAs are fleeing the DA’s office.

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