An unanticipated and remarkable unseen switch on/off within you will be awakening. That’s the decision one has to make during this month. Are you willing to surrender and not procrastinate to empower yourself for your own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing? What does your happiness look like in your world on your vision board? This cycle is a transformation of what you’re giving up and surrendering to become the highest power within. Do you have the strength to hold your ground and weed out the nonsense to better yourself? Ride the waves of the New and Full Moon eclipse. Mercury goes retrograde on May 10, beginning in
Gemini and finishing up in the earth sign Taurus. Jupiter also makes its brief tease transit in Aries, giving you the protection to align yourself for healing and communicating things with new terms and conditions. Don’t allow Neptune in Pisces to rock you back to sleep with illusions; find your truth and purpose. Be the beast who woke up in “Beauty and the Beast.” Compassion is the key and love for yourself. No validation is needed.

Capricorn: It’s a zestful week to bear the fruits of your labor of the seeds planted in the universe and circulating through the ether. Networking and self-improvements are a theme. Friends and relatives are reaching out to you this cycle for advice and guidance. This cycle week requires tenacity, coming out a champion against any adversity, and most importantly, knowing your worth. Business meetings, social media, and other forms of communication are buzzing right now, and the 9th and 11th are phenomenal and auspicious days. Take note and smile. This week you’re a beacon of light.

Aquarius: An awesome financial gain from all sorts of folks and avenues is beaming in the form of remittance paid out to you. This cycle indicates tidying up projects and checking all by dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s to stay prepared and on top of your game. Seal the deal with confidence and respect to add flavor that’ll make you smile. Separations, pregnancy, news of going back to school, hearing news of someone’s demise this cycle, or visions of someone who made their transition. The 12th and 13th hold significance, so pay attention.

Pisces: Dream on Pisces, and take note of the information being brought to you. The feeling of your dreams seems so real, you can almost feel them. Fine-tune into those scenes to locate hints, only for your eyes to see and no one else. Partnerships and signing of any legal contracts must be reviewed and read thoroughly. What images quickly come to your mind are for your own protection to recognize when you encounter a scene. The 5th and 6th will likely find events unfolding right before your very eyes. Game recognize game, so don’t get caught up in the illusions.

Aries: Slow motion is a process to slow it down and simply pace yourself a bit. Special details may be missing, and things aren’t at the right angle, so adjustments need to be rectified. As long as you do your part, a positive and delightful outcome is on its way. The changes in mood you feel occurring this week are getting you into alignment to tap within and find the answers you seek. The information may come from a woman and during this cycle women are a great help to you. Setting the tone and foundation is essential. During the 7th and 8th, you’ll have clarity on news forthcoming and what you need.

Taurus: Mentally, you’re knocking out projects, and potentially meeting new folks from all around the globe. This cycle is beneficial with great rewards as a result of services you rendered. An honorary award, raise, increase in sales, and possible huge investments, or you’re the investor where some sort of endorsement is playing out. May 3rd and 8th are extraordinary days with brownie points coming your way. Remain solid as you’re very strategic in getting what you need. The 9th and 11th entail new beginnings and the expansions of your endeavors.

Gemini: This cycle seems unusual as the truth is playing out. It may trigger your mind to remember events that occurred recently and in the past. Don’t ponder, keep your eyes open as the 411 is coming from all airways of communication. No need to sound the alarm, as this one is silent. Work in silence to recuperate and appreciate the rewards forthcoming. Signs, symbols, animals, and a number of patterns play a role this week and take off the rose-colored glasses. The 12th and 13th hold the keys to your feelings regarding a particular situation.

Cancer: This is an unusual week where people, things, and all sorts of different diversions on the scene are playing out. Your feelings may play tricks on you about past actions, so identify with the changes needed to progress forward. Pay your respect, visit those you have on your mind, and give tidings to whomever it is, or the thing due this week. It’s a karmic tiding cycle that’s hovering over you. There’s no hiding, so get right to it to close and heal unfinished chapters in your life thus far. Let bygones be bygones. The 5th and 6th are fruitful times, and a period of metamorphosis for a pivotal change.

Leo: Busy as a bee buzzing loud. Can you hear people calling your name in your dreams, and even know those calling you before the phone rings? People have your name rolling out their lips and informing people of the work you do. It’s a cycle to encounter those in power such as chiefs, chancellors, superintendents, VIPs, and even presidents for a round table discussion. Community work along with networking is advised. Listen and speak your truth to power. Don’t hesitate nor contradict yourself. You are present for a reason. The 7th and 8th suggest striking while the iron is hot with a golden beam of weaves.

Virgo: The perfect picture starts with a vision and an end game as result. You’re now deep-sea diving to locate all your treasures, and holding your breath is natural for you as if you were in your mother’s womb. It’s not the time to throw shade or sweep things under the rug. Show yourself like the ancient goddess and gods in the ancient times. Make your mark with passion and devotion, uplifting people by leading the way. You’re a leader and during this cycle don’t entertain those who beat around the bush, ignore those who are confrontational. Life is already a puzzle to figure out. The 9th and 11th suggest that less is best as the universal’s secret sauce gives insights that are meant only for you.

Libra: Mentally, you’re sharp, At the same time, your mind is jogging your memory. There are some things from the past that need to be resolved before collecting your goodie bag. Major progress and things may interfere with setbacks, obstacles, delays, and yet you don’t give up. Your strength will move you to where you need to be. Remain true to yourself, and honorary rewards and recognitions will manifest themselves in time—until then it’s back to work. The 12th and 13th suggest you make the corrections within yourself before leading others. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink nor bathe in it.

Scorpio: That nudge, or poke, that’s giving you elbow jerk is leading you to the new cues you need to discover. Hold tight as the new statistics will come faster than you think and rapidly take off next week. Follow your hunches. It has a mighty and grandiose return attached with your name on it. Play your part and forget the rest. The unanticipated, and the anticipated, is one you must experience. The 5th and 6th are the days that the answers are within, so look no further. It’s right in your face. A reality check says to count your blessing before receiving the blessing.

Sagittarius: The swift changes that are occurring this month are like foreseeing it happening in another dimension, another reality, and definitely in your dreams. It’s all aligned with the work you do in assisting yourself and others. I know you love yourself more than others who think you do. No need to sound the alarm. It’s already been sounding the trumpets that are blowing now. Do you feel, and see the mist floating in the air? Something is coming. The 7th and 8th are likely days full of surprises, adventures, and turns of events.

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