Mercury retrograde at 4 degrees has people buzzing and stinging like bees. Listen very carefully before responding. It’s best to remove yourself from situations before it escalates. Take time to sit in silence, and within the stillness of self, discover the hidden jewels inside of you. There are a lot of people watching, pickpocketing, in your windows, and in your feelings. The universal alignment is throwing a fast curveball for you to get unstuck and unbothered, to step into your miraculous power instilled within you since birth. During the retrograde season, close the door and “return to sender” when the energy is unwanted. Jupiter transiting Aries will only travel until it reaches 8 degrees and aids you with protection, optimism, and a pioneering spirit. Yet,this energy also challenges you to think about reality before making a move. The Full Moon in Scorpio at 25 degrees suggests speaking in positive ways with positive thoughts, as what you say will shine a light on you. Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12

Capricorn: This cycle week numerically speaking, has both Uranus and Sun joined at the hip beaming with serendipitous events. The greatness within, the discipline, and being grounded, are suggesting you stick to your guns. Don’t compromise your agenda for anyone else. When the universe reveals information to you, take heed. It’s a wonderful time to put your order in the universe and allow it to play its part. Keep up the good work as you’re right where you need to be. The 18th-19th are golden days.

Aquarius: This is a week for publishing, writing, scripting, traveling, or speaking with family and friends from a distance. Your health and appearance play a role this week. Revamp the energy a bit to enhance your natural talents and beauty for others to view your craft in different ways. This week includes rearranging or adjusting the home as well as beautifying with flowers or art. Complete your tasks this week as some things come to an end. The 12th-13th it’s on you, all or nothing.

Pisces: Pressure is likely to be applied this weekly cycle as your back may feel it’s against the wall. The universe has an assignment for you to complete. An assignment that can be very lucrative, or the concept of a great idea. Your memory will be jogged. Your colleagues, friends, and your MVP team members are also showing up to help. Think big as this week holds significant changes within your workspace and value your intentions. Opportunities are at hand so choose what’s in alignment with your mission as well as your personal relationships. The 14th-15th you are cooking with gas.

Aries: Swift and slow changes are prompting you to make a quick decision to act. Any form of traveling can have a delayed process. The objective is to listen and watch before you respond. The details are unfolding right before your eyes. It’s a great season to preview before the opening or debut date of a product or service. Patience and caution are advised this week. Jupiter has entered your sign for a preview of what’s to come to provided protection in your due diligence. It’s also a great time to create and be creative. The 16th-17th is logic versus reality; think before you act.

Taurus: The old infrastructure, versus the new, collectively together can be a disruptor to society beaming with opportunities. This month and the last week hold extraordinary and key ingredients to your foundation for growth. Business moves, conversations, and meetings are essential to what you’re building. The goal is to remain disciplined, steadfast as things may seem against you, only pushing you to open bigger doors. At times blessings come within as a result of the process of your work. The 18th-19th, stand your ground.

Gemini: What you do this week is a mirror reflection of how you feel inside. The people you’ll inspire, encourage, and assist will be proof of what’s inside of you. Partnerships lead you to new alliances, giving you the keys to access new communities that need your information. New doors are opening so don’t block your blessings. Weed out the distractions and negative habits that were once uncomfortable to finally make you comfortable. The 12th-13th speak your truth and nip things in the bud and take heed.

Cancer: What are your dreams showing you this week? What are the feelings you’re receiving while in these experiences? Take note of what you see as the signs and revelations will reveal themselves to you. Take a deep look within to see your own truth of what’s been holding you back. Build from what you see to unlock your potential for the purpose of healing from within. You’re your own biggest critic. Reconnect from within. The 14th-15th take care of business and own it.

Leo: Your outreach within your community is in demand for your services. Your family and friends are also calling and depending on you. The keyword is balanced and committing yourself to what’s in your best interest while knowing your boundaries. Step into the light a bit more to show the world your face. You mean business, with no time to play that’ll come around the 25th and 27th, to be at peace while relaxing watching the sunset. For the 16th-17th operate in silence, do not mention another word of your plans.

Virgo: You’re embarking on a new journey as the universe has shed light on your purpose in life. The information you received around the Full Moon in March was beneficial in guiding you on to your next project. Being true to yourself will empower you to do better and receive better outcomes within every aspect of your relationships. Allow Mercury to retrograde and do its jobs mentally so you can take out the trash, and don’t look back. You have the facts, so apply the practicality of it in its universal aspect. The 18th-19th, believe what you see with your own eyes.

Libra: When it’s time to move on, get to stepping without hesitation. No more staying comfortable where you already know it’s time to rise from the dead. This month and week, you can run yet you can’t hide. It’s a test to your faith, strength, worth, and the things you value, especially your possessions and the people close to you. Finances can go in a spiral effect from the repairs of this and that, paying out debt, or receiving resources. Details are like accessories, so pay attention to the things around you. The 12th-13th, a new attitude is advised.

Scorpio: One minute things are moving gently, and then suddenly, an abrupt stop. You did what you’re supposed to do, and that’s all that matters. This month, you may shed a few tears, crying yourself a river to release and move on. You’ll be on a winning streak after the rain clears into sunny days. Take breaks, spark a quick conversation, and take a stroll through the park for realization. When the opportunity arises for a 3-day retreat, or to travel to get away from your environment, claim it. You’ll return rejuvenated if you do. The 14th-16th the truth will set you free; you have nothing to lose counting all wins.

Sagittarius: Somehow, you left your home all packed up to go on a trip. You arrive at your destination and then suddenly, a turn of events of a mysterious nature pop in your mind. As if your mind is playing tricks on you already. No, destiny is playing its role, so write down the information as it’ll lead you to other destinations. The universe has a unique way of revealing information to humanity. That’s why it’s stored within you to discover. Instantaneously, financial gains or losses are indicated this week. Get the money, and don’t be a clout chaser instead, be the investor of your dreams. The 16th-17th turn on the lights and drop the 411.

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