The recent racially motivated massacre in Buffalo, New York has prompted many local citizens to inquire about acquiring legal firearm possession. CEO and founder of Fitness, Fuel and Fire, Batin Ashante, has been providing valuable information and training to the general public on just how to accomplish this.

“I’m a firearm advocate!” he proudly proclaims. “I advocate responsible and reliable, legal firearm ownership. I advocate proper safety training for children, especially in the Black and Brown community.”

With a decade’s worth of experience, his total 360 degrees fitness program provides cardio, cross-fit, dietary, physical and firearms training. His regimen includes creative meal planning as well as mental preparation.

“We start with basic firearm training all the way up to level 4—carbine, shotgun, long gun training. We try to do it all,” Ashante explains, before adding how many people are misinformed about their legal rights, and how they should exercise discipline while doing so.

“I do not advocate people not having any firearm training, and doing harm to people that look like them,” he specifies while pointing out how criminals use guns to commit crimes and implement fear in their communities.

Ashante also notes that along with learning self-defense, many parents who start teaching their children early often help them earn scholarships for school as they mature, with some participating in international competitions, such as the Olympic Games. Some also utilize their aiming skills while hunting wildlife in efforts to provide food.

“We gotta be on the frontlines to train them properly, not to militarize these little bastards, some of them are crazy as hell,” he concurs.

He makes the distinction between law-abiding citizens versus reckless criminals possessing firearms.

“If you need to protect yourself legally, then take my class,” he urges. “I’m not discriminating against anyone. If you’re part of the community which is being taken advantage of and harmed, come see me.”

His classes begin with firearms safety training, where, upon completion, people receive legal certification.

“I can take your life, and because I can, I have to walk a different walk, with responsibility,” Ashante acknowledges. “If you need to defend yourself, I’ll train anyone. It’s not a fair fight. You got to put yourself and your family in a position to win, or at least fight back. If someone is violating you and putting yours or your family’s life in danger, you have every right to protect yourself.”
With cowardly attacks on the general public by confused white supremacists and their assault weapons, what are you to do?

“You gotta look at the situation in Buffalo, too,” Ashante suggests. “You can’t let anyone run up and shoot you and your grandma dead just because these m—–f—-rs think they can. This is taking ‘turn the other cheek’ to a whole other level in the Black community, how these m—–f—-rs just think they can kill you and you gotta turn around and pray, f— that! You can’t continue to be someone’s doormat for no reason!”

The main requirement in applying for a gun permit in New York City is for people to have clean police records. He says most applicants are approved, even some with prior non-violent convictions.

While NYC only issues carry permits in situations such as armed guards and business owners, six different types of gun permits are available.

“The Sullivan Law [determining gun possession in New York] is absolutely unconstitutional,” he notes, “and hopefully, will be overturned in June/July. We have an uphill battle, but we can do it.”

Ashante has an event this Saturday, May 21 (2-5 p.m.) at CEMOTAP, 135-05 Rockaway Blvd. Queens.

For more information:, 646-481-9787

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