Unification is key in this weekly cycle. Every day applies unity in your applications as you go about your affairs. Change begins when you start and are ready to invest in yourself within your mental wellbeing and environment. Humanity needs change, and Pluto in Capricorn is breaking down the infrastructure system. While the old is collapsing for the renewal of new infrastructure, learn the operations so you can become the creators and builders of this world. What’s your position in your home? What is the foundation? What are you serving on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner table, to better improve your health? Some forms of compensation, healing, counseling, forgiveness, or even ancient techniques may be used to become unstuck. The universe is applying pressure to nurture yourself and the earth, reverting to the old-fashioned ways of living in a modern world. Start documenting your life and the things you do, to pass down the blueprints and information for the next generation. Life is a gift. Are you operating in your gift or passion? “Every generation laughs at the old-fashioned but follows religiously the new.” Henry David Thoreau

Capricorn: Set the tone, forum, and strategies for the week and month to end magnificently. Instilled within you are the tools, information, research, and experiences to be the catalyst to collaborate with others. Set yourself on a course that makes you happy inside to reflect on the outside. Your skills, along with other talents, can open the doors of successful corporations in need of your services. Release and relax as the fog and the rain is being cleared away, and the sun shines to give life to your endeavors. On the 18th and 19th, self-mastery is at its finest with a few unexpected perks. Stay ready and prepared.

Aquarius: Globally, humanity is going through a change beginning with a transition from outdated systems that used to work. This global shift and influence is occurring in your personal life as well, with the process of updating your modern system. It’s time for a brand-new outlook on what you learned previously ushering you into this new era. Weed out the distractions, fears, and anxieties to put you back in touch with your craft. Around the 20th and 21st is your harvest time to publish, promote, network, and open doors for new episodes of your life. Take a well-deserved trip.

Pisces: You can feel, sense, hear, and see in your dreams how things are being orchestrated. Now is the time to position yourself and align with other like-minded souls of the same accord, elevating everywhere you go. Hone your specialty to get your point across. What are you contributing to the universe? The conversations and events, are they more vital than your appearance? What comes out of your mouth and your skills will propel you to your next excursion. The 22nd and 23rd have your name written all over them, so get over yourself.

Aries: There appear to be transits from all around you. You may have had your entertainment and enjoyment this cycle, attending to family responsibility. Now, the theme is: what commitments are you making for yourself to fulfill a part of your heart and soul for happiness? Your appearance and style will change based on your feelings of this newness guiding you. Follow your heart. When your heart and mind are made up about a decision, make your move. On the 24th and 26th the question becomes, are you playing chess, checkers, or Tic Tac Toe?

Taurus: It’s your divine birthright to share, mentor, counsel, aid, or be the messenger that understands the value of economics. Creating a path for yourself is a way to uplift others with your light while networking with those who share the same passion in a different way. This cycle may find you preparing for an event that’ll take you over the top where you’ve never been before. It can be as simple as information, or words that spark your lightbulb giving more depth to what you’re already doing. The 18th and 19th are about forward progress and the transformation from where you started. You got this!

Gemini: New ways to improvise the materials or services you rendered include adding some feng shui to mix and match to catch your audience’s attention. This cycle suggests forming a new one-on-one relationship with your soul. Your soul is a result of the reflections, self-love, and dreams of seeing your true colors from within. Your soul has a message for you, so listen carefully, and watch the signs that follow. On the 20th and 21st you may find yourself in a knee-jerk reaction, or deja vu experience. Keep a record of these notions occurring as they will lead you to greater clues.

Cancer: There are times when you suspect things aren’t what they used to be. It’s like seeing the truth through rose colored glasses, due to the fact that the glasses are not even rose-tinted. Now that you know what you know, move silently and gather the resources needed to build your castle. You’re likely to receive messages now from the ancient depths of your soul. During the 22nd and 23rd, odd and unusual behaviors and moods may be the results. Where is it leading you?

Leo: Divine intervention may pause the process as a preview of what’s in store. Go with the flow of the process as the anticipated, wait-and-see game is more beneficial. Continue to take notes and be aware of what you receive in conversation and random messages, the music you listen to, and what you watch. This cycle is about revamping your business with a change of role within the workplace. The 24th and 26th hold the key aspects to your questions, and the answers you seek.

Virgo: When you seek within to ask questions, only a higher source will know it, and it becomes a daily practice and understanding for you. Our higher self is our consciousness that hears, sees, feels, and smells before we do. The subconscious follows through by carrying out the mission to fulfill your order. This cycle finds you in tune with your own energy, as it seems your body is vibrating, or receiving electromagnetic stimulation in your body. The downloads are powerful and useful, as well as the more sensitive side to the energy. Changes in all aspects of your life are materializing. The 18th and 19th suggest you’re going down the rabbit role.

Libra: This month holds significant changes of importance and turn of events in your life. You’ve been steadily pushing through, due to the fact you know the rewards are greater than it seems. These experiences are your teachable moments as you learn the process of understanding the assignments. A spiritual message may be bestowed upon you to pass down certain codes needed to complete your mission. So, listen carefully. The 20th and 21st is the ideal prep time to start the chain reaction.

Scorpio: This cycle is unique as your projects, ideas, and agenda are going as planned. Family obligations are a priority as well as your work. This is an interesting week as you’re working on projects your higher self, or spirit guides, are leading you to. Add a little hint of this and there to get the job done. Take a break when in need of digesting the codes and information to fuel you. The 22nd and 23rd suggest changes in your home, a possible remodeling, and even revamping your diet and a new look with the attitude.

Sagittarius: Your game is at its highest peak this week. You’re ready to conquer and proclaim what’s yours. This week is memorable in so many aspects of your life to make those needed changes. This is an awakening moment to you from the inside, and you’re now ready to grab the bulls by the horns. The legacy you’ve been building seems to be crystallizing right before your very eyes. When you took that leap of faith, the manuscript or job description wasn’t handed to you. You created your own path. The 24th and 26th suggest the smell of victory has arrived. This is a great time to start for those who are just beginning.

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