George Floyd family Credit: Bill Moore photo

George Floyd’s brother, Terrence Floyd (2nd from left), and uncle, Selwyn Jones (speaking), set the tone for the evening at A Soulful Heart memorializing George Floyd Jr. Appearing with them are Floyd family members and relatives of other police violence victims, including Carla McKinnie, cousin of George Floyd Jr.; Dee Crane, mother of Tavis Crane; Yolanda McNair, mother of Adaisha Miller; Joie Jones; and Cassandra Green, aunt of Jamal Sutherland. AmNews Publisher and Editor in Chief was presented with an award at the event.

Honorees Elinor Tatum and Irene Gandy
Melba Moore Credit: Bill Moore photo
Rome Neal presented award by fellow Honoree Elinor Tatum Credit: Bill Moore photo
Students from the Repertory Company High School for Theatre Arts Credit: Bill Moore photo

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