Chef Isra Gordon, 59, is a certified holistic and metabolic health coach, international chef, food consultant, and instructor. She runs the recently launched Mint Porch Cafe, her latest shop that focuses on healthy eating, located at the newly opened Flatbush Central Caribbean Market in Brooklyn.

“I’ve always cared about health and wellness as a young child. At one point I thought I was going into the medical field, but when I reviewed some things about it, I thought I was called more to what was in nature,” said Gordon.

Gordon is originally from the fertile, lush island of Grenada. She migrated to the states when she was 17 years old, she said. Her father gave her her first book on juicing and she would experiment as a kid. With her father’s encouragement, she fostered an interest in cooking.

After studying culinary arts and nutrition, Gordon formed a holistic food philosophy combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. She goes so far as to coach people on their family situations and environments in connection to their food intake.

“I ask people to pay attention to all areas of their lives,” said Gordon, “their bodies, their minds, their spirit.”

She ran her first shop, Delicious Endings, for about four years out of the first rendition of the Flatbush Caton Market, she said. She volunteered to be the market’s resident teahouse and buffet, but hadn’t set out to open up a small storefront at all. “I just felt like every step of the way was a calling for me. It was a part of my journey and I had to be in that space,” said Gordon.

“Healthy eating is not for everybody,” said Gordon, “but people have to make choices.”

She sells custom teas, vegan options, sweets, desserts, and organic ingredients in her meals. Her bestsellers so far are the apple vegan cake, banana sugar-free cake, and curry cashews. Her end-goal is to open an adjoining spa with her teahouse and healthy food items to really round out her venture into health and wellness in the community.

“If one really has a passion and desire, they’d persevere, despite what they’re facing. This is what I’ve been doing over the years. I want to see this happen, so I have a strong desire and I keep pushing,” said Gordon about her plans for the future.

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