Rebirth of a New Nation: Hypothetically, if the divine Creator judged your home from the inside, its cleanliness, and how well it is maintained, what kind of grade, on a scale of 1 to 10 will the Divine Creator rate you? More importantly, how do you rate yourself right now? Take a moment and look around your home. Do you approve of your circumstances, and can you improve the way you operate? Knock off the dust, mop the floors, clean the walls, organize your cabinets and bookshelves, and thoroughly clean so the Divine Creator can have a seat on your couch or a meal at your dinner table. What’s the aroma in your home? Is it pleasant and inviting, or does it run your company away? What’s the report on the maintenance of your health? When was your last check-up, or follow-up with your physician? Check in on family, friends, neighbors, etc. “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin
Capricorn: Kick off this week with the expectation of phenomenal changes within your craft, especially since the sun is beaming twice the information as proof of its imminence. Relax, as the movie is playing out as it is written in the stars, as above is occurring below. A spiritual meeting of conversations and memories is playing out in your mind, recalling those childhood memories as a tool to steer you on your journey. The lesson learned this week is fortunate and with precise timing. On the 27th through the 28th listen very closely.

Aquarius: Your character this week determines your work and how you present yourself to bring people and resources to you. Integrity is key. When you say you’ll do something, and don’t follow through as an exchange, the universe steps in to play its role. Watch how you treat others, as things may show up later unexpectedly. There’s no need to ask why. You already know the answers. Balance your work and be sure you’re doing it for yourself this week. Around the 29th-31st, expect to hold yourself accountable due to that fact that it’s a productive cycle to implement new concepts and strategies to your work ethics.

Pisces: You feel the change to release, let go and let it flow. Don’t fight it, instead deep down is a burning desire within steering you in a new direction. Don’t allow being overly comfortable to hold you back and keep you stagnated. Just as people accept Christ in their life, what are you accepting in your life that will exonerate you and propel you to push forward to the next mission? June 1st-2nd be guided by the winds to direct and order your next steps freely with ease.

Aries: When you love what you do your passions will expedite and promote you in ways traveling like a globetrotter. Your profession is in demand as well as family obligations. Be sure to balance your schedule with follow-ups, and only commit to what you’re going to do. This month was slow, yet this week is the time to reap the rewards as a preview of what’s to come. The 25th-26th close your eyes and listen with your heart where it’s guiding and showing you.

Taurus: The theme, “go hard or go home” is the term for you this cycle week. Your work-life picks up rapidly and so do your finances accordingly. Where your focus goes, so does energy, bringing in more resources and people who need your services. It’s a magical week as you take the lead as a speaker, teacher, mentor, spiritual guru, freedom rider, etc., is all in the making. Also, landing big clients. You’re in the spotlight. The 27th-28th, you can expect some form of achievement, rewards, gifts, or recognition addressed to you as a way of thanking you.

Gemini: Partnerships are a three-way street. You look left, right, then straight ahead before proceeding. It’s the relationships and experiences that each member on board brings to the table. A one-on-one partnership with the spiritual and physical realm teaches you. The internal self within satisfies what you do in the external world. You can tell by what’s showing up on the outside from what you put in your body, mind, and soul. This same thing occurs in a union or partnerships with others. What results are you looking for? May 29th-31st pay close attention to your surroundings and essential details.

Cancer: This month puts you to work as faking it is not going to pull you through. Your commitment, strength, determination, and ability to see it through are what help you overcome any adversities standing in your way. Find a way to address it and uplift you in your endeavors. The path to where you’re going only gets easier as you become less resistant to what you need to let go of. You can expect a positive and fruitful turnout this week. June 1st-2nd suggest pulling your own weight and paying your own way.

Leo: Loving yourself makes all the difference in the world. When you love yourself, the love from within reflects on the outside. Your light shines brighter, attracting like-minded souls and individuals to you. Semi-legal matters, contracts, paperwork, and meeting up with people forms a new agenda. Changing one word in a conversation, or even a letter, makes a difference. Our word is our bond. It’s bonded to our actions. The 25th-26th you’ll see the value in your daily affairs and partnerships, especially the one with yourself.

Virgo: Hard-knock lessons and life’s experiences are what make you more grateful for the journey, particularly in a special way. The storm, hurricane, blizzard, volcanic eruption, wildfire, the sun shining, and rain are all part of the life process. We as humans see it playing out in many different forms. When you cry or are on fire with a new concept, or on a roll, you’re hot. When someone transitions, we grieve which is releasing tears, and memories of a life lived, and so on. The purpose of life is for living, and the details, experiences, signs, imaging, and dreams will show you the way. The 27th-28th allow what’s inside to be released to make it a project or teachable moment to pass down to the next generations.

Libra: This cycle month and week the tradition of history has a purpose, with a commitment for a reason to catch errors, mistakes, or unnecessary circumstances that you don’t have to engage in. It’s a bond or link to your wealth due to any turbulence or turmoil to reach the triumphant side of your mission. It serves as a form of protection that keeps the bloodlines strong and active, leading to a destination of passing down seeds of life for the growth and development of human evolution. Learn to be the self-master of your craft, which is the assignment to pass on to generations after you. Teach all you can and know while experiencing the experiences of living in the physical body on earth. The 29th-31st, watch and learn.

Scorpio: Duty to the home and family obligations, with work on demand or taking a pause, are the cycles that need to be addressed. The matriarch of the family steps in to aid in family responsibilities. This week it’s vital you pay close attention as the divine Creator is making its move. Matters of the heart and home are heard, and the members of the council step in to assist with the order of the process to fulfill its duty. This is a great week to showcase your work or outreach within your communities by roundtables, phone calls, door to door, in an old-school fashion. June 1st-2nd there’s no rhyme nor reason in the universe.

Sagittarius: You are a scholar for a reason according to your zodiac sign. You’re in tune with the climate of change and evolution taking place globally. Getting it done with no excuses is the theme. You feel the change is already existing, and the steps needed to ride the wave of the tides. There’s no running when the universe steps in and does its job. A decision has to be made to advance you to the next level. You can choose comfortability or change the dynamics of your circumstances. The 25th-26th, the messages are clearer without a question.

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