Rebirth of A New Nation: This cycle week is a spinoff of what occurred this last week of May. What has transpired in your life that has you now going in a different direction? What’s the conversational theme that’s being talked about in your environment? This is a course for change, discarding things, people, and places that you’ve outgrown. It’s time to upgrade your credentials and requirements, the systems, and foundations as the world and Mother Earth’s frequency is vastly changing. Mother Earth is reintroducing her presence. Can you feel it? As Mercury is preparing for its direct motion on June 3, at 26 degrees in Taurus, and sextile Neptune, and trine in Pluto, certain topics and circumstances can reappear. Reconsideration is taking an effect based upon the experiences, actions, and evidence brought to your attention. Mercury plays mental gymnastics, double-dutch, hopscotch, or hangman for you to figure out. Once you know you’re not immune to the forces of nature projected upon you, you become the projector. “We look inside first, decide what kind of world we want to see, and then project that world outside making it the truth as we see it.” Author unknown

Capricorn: This weekly cycle is a second dose to maximize and utilize information in an impactful way. The end of May was a trial to prepare you. You got the message and lessons all at once. What’s the blueprint and supporting paperwork to push the envelope a bit further? New adventures, promotions, and partnerships are on their way. This year the spiritual realm is contacting and guiding you, showering you with protection with what you need and need to know. June 6-7’s prolific alignment is in the universe.

Aquarius: Your vision and dreams are manifesting with a sudden revelation. Mentally, you’re sharp and your ideas and thoughts are piecing together for a final review. Stay ready and stay sharp while being clear, concise, and straight to the point. No need to hold anyone up. Integrity, without manipulation goes a long way. June 8-9 will match your words with your actions if you want to receive the reciprocity.

Pisces: Finance, romance, partnerships, publishing, promoting, and premiering are highlighting this cycle spreading the word about upcoming projects. Allow your spirit to guide you where you need to be, and you’ll attract the people, deals, clients, and opportunities to you. Faith is strongly required to ride this faith train. As the train passes, you’ll be in a better position to catch the blessing as it comes past. Game, recognize game. June 1-2 indicate a heartfelt message coming through. When one asks a question and you reply in a way that’s uplifting, radiant, and inspirational, reaching the hearts of others, who hears it?

Aries: Take your time during this week’s cycle. Don’t allow others to lay their agenda on you as to what you should or should not do. You already know based on past experiences. Spark up a conversation with those wise elders who can give you guidance to the answers you seek. Re-examine the information of what’s in front of you. You’ll soon know whether you’re holding yourself back, or whether what you’re doing for others is holding you back. Do what’s in your best interest. June 3-5 may recall a scene you haven’t forgotten about and how it made you feel, or the conversations that spark something within you.

Taurus: Your intuition is strong this week. Open the dialogue of communication with your higher self and allow the spiritual guides to speak to you or deliver a message through you. Do not overwork, overpack, or overdue anything—simply improvise. You’re in the spotlight this week and everywhere you go people seem to know of you. It’s a grandiose time to promote, sell, share a story, or assist someone by uplifting their spirits. June 6-7 follow your own protocol.

Gemini: When your heart and mind are made up it’s time to act. Allow your emotions to be the vessel of change that steers you on the right path. That burning desire for things you’ve been wanting to do now, says it’s your time to see what you’re made of. Put your creativity into drive and get it done. Lose yourself creatively to create a magnificent piece of art. June 8-9 your hidden or latent talents are discovered and even you may be shocked at the results.

Cancer: It’s a lucrative week in your endeavors and an incentive of compensation has arrived to reward you. You got it going on this week that’s full of divine surprises, compliments of the universe showering you here and there. Be a blessing in someone’s life. June 1-2, the universe reciprocates you in some form or fashion when you assist another. Count your blessings.

Leo: Your gift is a given. How you apply it to your benefit is not. That part of discovery comes from life’s experiences and what you possess from within to be a beacon of light. Every single being on Mother Earth has a role in this world. This week’s cycle has a connection with a higher purpose within your journey. June 3-5, tap within to access the keys to the knowledge you seek.

Virgo: Knowledge is power when you put it to good use to fuel your mind, body, spirit, and soul like the fruits and vegetation of the Earth. The seeds you planted are in the development stage, slowly bearing fruit. Record your growth and process by the use of a recorder, or camera, as you put your foundation together. Prioritizing your schedule to address matters of the home, heart, and work affairs are key. June 6-7 you’re either offline, or online taking a break to regain your focus and then jumping back on the train.

Libra: At times things said or done to you do not need a rebuttal. First, examine yourself, as it’s a reflection of what you put out into the universe. Don’t sound the alarm so fast. Folks who want to be in confrontation mode will either make you or break you. That all depends on the level of your vibrational frequency, be it at its lowest or highest point. Burn off that energy towards your projects or handle your business for the purpose of a successful outcome. You’re in the limelight. June 8-9, preparation is key to your manifestation.

Scorpio: This week’s cycle may be a little rugged yet durable with the right winning attitude and looking out for yourself for changes that are outstanding. The situation is what it is, and the divine Creator takes care of the rest. Your faith is at its all-time high to receive that magical outcome that’s been long delayed. Your plan is solid and sticks you to it, your energy is luminous like a pregnant woman’s glow. June 1-2, faith and destiny are in a position to play the cards dealt to you this cycle.

Sagittarius: Emotionally, practically, mentally, and spiritually, you’re in tune with the abrupt and global changes. You’re using your discernment based upon your experiences, and the information with science to back it up, exploring all details and more. Your assets are bringing the proficiency of wisdom and knowledge to the table to be shared with your community for their own benefit and comprehension. This week, your senses are impeccable with a bit of déjà vu, and your dreams are prolific. June 3-5, your feelings are powerfully felt with the intensity of information channeling in and through you of the forthcoming news.

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