This summer is all about sauce! From BBQ to mops lets add flavor that will make meals memorable! Sauce adds moisture, crunch, bark, and bite to delight. BBQ Sauces can be added to cheese, veggies, and pastas as well to lift the flavor of food and add some excitement to mundane meals.  

Lillies Q Ivory BBQ Sauce is a delicious white mayo-based BBQ sauce that is Bama style with cayenne, pepper, and honey. It pairs well with chicken, potatoes, and fried fish. 

Rufus Teague hit it out of the park with their Whisky Maple BBQ Sauce! Molasses gives this tomato-based sauce a rich flavor that pairs well with veggies, cheese, and even meats. 

Franklin BBQ’s Texas BBQ Sauce is spicy with a tangy twist. It sticks to steak and just mixes with the juices in a magical way. Some people drink it straight out of the jar! Also, try their Espresso BBQ Sauce. It is deep, dark, and darn delicious!!! 

Bone Suckin’ Sauce makes divine Bone Suckin’ Wing Sauce Honey and Habanero. Slather this on wings and get that sweet heat that you have been dreaming of. This is perfect for wings, but you can add it to chicken breasts too for a kick of hot sugar goodness. Kosmos Q Competition Brisket Mop is what your brisket has been searching for! Acid, oil, brown sugar, and spices combine for a beautiful bath to elevate your next brisket into mouthwatering meat that will be a treat! www.

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