Mercury stationed direct on June 3 at 26 degrees in Taurus. Then, Saturn retrograde began on June 4 at 25 degrees Aquarius, joining Pluto in retrograde at 28 degrees Capricorn in the ethers. Mercury delivers the message, with lessons loud and clear, felt in the heart, minds, and souls of folks from the Goddess, Gods, and rulers. Now, Saturn is passing out the homework assignments to work out any issues at hand, then reviewing the assignments before going direct again on October 24, 2022. Make amends, cutting the ties that bind you, and finalize projects and bets. Work on decoding and knowing your numerical vibration. It’s time for healing and affirming yourself moving forward, and Pluto is active to drop and burn the excess deadweight to let it go for once and for all, for the progression forward. Messages, codes, symbols, signals, ancestors, spirits guides, and angels are all floating while dropping jewels into the physical realms. Keep your head up on a righteous path. “Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.”—Confucius

Capricorn: When starting a new agenda or going in a new direction, first take baby steps before you can see results. In the process of development, you may trip, stumble, shake, crawl, walk, skip, and hop before things take off running on a smooth path. Just before your very eyes the things you envision in your mind become a reality. The main ingredients are you and your growth with the relationships to have faith; even when the tough was getting tougher you never gave up. You became resistant to the resistance, becoming unstoppable. Keep climbing Cappy. The universe conspires in what you ask for.

Aquarius: The best part about this cycle is following your gut instinct. When you do, it’s a double-win situation. You’ll notice you being more in tune with other folks’ emotions, due to your strong intuitive nature. People will seek your counsel and vice versa on a project or for a second opinion. Be mindful of talking on the phone and cooking, leaving things on the stove, and burning the pots and pans in the kitchen. Watch your step as well: you may notice slight bumps or cuts and bruises, as a result of being a bit clumsy, occurring this week. May the gift of gab be with you this cycle.

Pisces: Money coming in and out. When you spend money, you receive more money at a fast and or slow pace depending on what obligations and lessons needed to be learned. A thorough evaluation of your habits, finances, business, home, and personal relationships, has your attention. Think your way through the situation as the answers you seek are within. Get out of your own mind. These weekly cycles may consist of death, rebirth, transformation, rearranging the home, revamping your appearances, and changing your dietary laws.

Aries: This week may find you on the go here, and then being pulled in one direction after another. There’s a message from the divine creator where you need to find time and sit in silence to be on the receiving side. You are fast to sleep this cycle, and then suddenly rejuvenated with a jolt of energy. Prioritize your schedule so there’s nothing overlapping. You’re in the spotlight so give it your best shot this week.

Taurus: It’s time to change the game even more now to rebuild its structure to guide a new era of a rising generation. It’s giving the new generation the truth to see the light, and darkness within themselves to reconstruct from within with the tools needed. Not the tools provided by society. The kind of tools you teach in person, and guide them by their faith, and not by sight. You have the vision to give it shape, expression, and meaning. Making it make sense as it appears that common sense has been thrown out the window nowadays.

Gemini: Mentally, you’re on a roll with an arrogant attitude in your delivery. At this point, you’re not here to play games, but rather to teach folks something to their benefit that’ll knock their socks off. Information that comes from you is spread far and wide and internally, reaching the ears of folks. This is your harvest month to receive great returns from the previous seven months. You’ve applied yourself, plus equipped yourself with a vast array of knowledge. You know exactly where you’re heading.

Cancer: When one’s mind is made up, you act upon it, upping the ante of your return on investments. Be mindful of the words you choose, and the tone of the vibrations that go with them. Things are revealed to you when you’re ready to receive them when you open your heart. You got an inkling about something, so follow up on that hunch. You’re a mastermind now so get it done.

Leo: Serendipity plays a role in this cycle in your affairs. Whatever news, projects, or guests show up this week are a divine play from the universe. Exploit what talents or ideas are given to you that add to your creation. What may seem like a force to be reckoned with, is working with the energy presented on a plane that advances to the next phase. Money comes in an unforeseen way. Give thanks to the ancestors for having the eyes to see and bring forth gifts at a moment’s notice.

Virgo: When you formulate your recipes into a product or service for purchase, it’s a win-win situation. You’re now ready to take on a much bigger role. You’ve taken off the training wheels, and now riding with no hands as your body steers you in the direction where you need to go. You understand the power within you is being activated to share your knowledge. In addition, offers classes, courses, and sample demos to guide others on their journey.

Libra: Publishing, finances, relationships, and personal matters are all in transit for modification and change. This is a cycle of fulfillment, endings, or receiving messages beyond the infinite realms contacting you about things forthcoming globally, also as a personal favorite. Women play a huge role during this weekly cycle, as someone may need counsel. You need a favor, or someone else needs something done. Working in unity or partnership is the key. Classified information may happen to hit your ears while minding your own business, or through no fault of your own.

Scorpio: Out of all the signs, you’re the deep penetrating one who sees through a person from a distance. Mercury, the messenger of Gods, is here to deliver you a message. This is high telepathy, clairvoyance, and a surreptitious kind of week where you almost drop the hot pot on the floor. Slowly digest the news, as it will come in all forms by way of prophetic visions. No need to sound the first Saturday of the month alarm. It is what it is.

Sagittarius: Success is written in the stars in many forms through networking, with a harvest bearing fruit where things that were postponed are now being processed. You’re taking the lead by all means necessary. You got the power of information and know-how to bring folks together for a common cause and effect. Your heart and mind being balanced are key during this cycle to keep you level-headed. You have nothing to lose and all things to gain with experiences as your teacher.

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