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Every Father’s Day, I imagine a group of kids scrambling to figure out the best gift for their dads because they usually pretend not to care about gifts. You know the “dad” I am talking about. He’s the one that doesn’t really want anything but won’t say no if he receives it as a gift. He’s the dad just happy with a new pair of socks.

Well, here are a few gift selections for Father’s Day 2022 that are a lot more adventurous.

African and African American owned
For the dad who loves Chutney:
Chilli Chutney
Based in Essex, England this African-inspired company makes sauces and condiments, like this chutney, which you can get in mild, medium, or hot.

For the dad that likes candles:
228 Grant Street Candle Co.
This candle brings the aroma of oakmoss-and-amber. Perfect for the person that loves
outdoorsy dads. The company, which hand-pours and packages its products in Baltimore, uses all-natural soy wax, braided-cotton wicks, and scented oils with no other additives or dyes.

For the dad that collects T-shirts:
BedStuyFly New York T-Shirt
For the dads that know—‘cause if you know’—you know. BedStuyFly is an African American owned boutique founded by Stephen Usenbor, with storefronts in both Bedford-Stuyvesant and Williamsburg.

For the dad that loves African American history:
We Return Fighting by The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture
Bookshop recently published a history book from The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. It focuses on African American soldiers in World War I and seems perfect for those dads who are always looking for new ways to brush up on their history. Bookshop offers $11 UPS Ground shipping, which takes one to five days to arrive.

For the dad with adventurous taste buds:
Four Four South Village (located on Broadway’s restaurant row, 368 W. 46th St.) is named after Taiwan’s first military dependent village. Taiwanese Beef Noodles are a delicacy but you can also get other Taiwanese specialties, including soups, rice dishes, and luwei (braised foods).

For the dad who craves creativity:
House of Intuition, Creativity Magic Candle (Los Angeles)
Ignite the creative fire within and put those ideas into action. Apply your intention to the candle in order to manifest inspiration and spark your creative process. Whether you want a muse for your next project, or need to break through some serious writer’s block, the Creativity Magic Candle can release blockages and get your imagination flowing again. Handmade in Los Angeles, CA with 100% all-natural and sustainable palm wax, as well as locally produced recyclable glass.

For the dad with big hands:
The CURVD Ergonomic mugs add a new level of comfort to your morning coffee. The award-winning patent-pending handle transfers the weight of the drink to the muscles and not to the joints. This way the mug requires minimum effort to pick up and allows for a more enjoyable experience for all users while still being accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities, creating a friendlier, more inclusive environment for everyone.

For the dad that loves the perfect knife:
Hast 6-inch utility knife is their goldilocks size, ideal for those in-between kitchen tasks: slicing cooked meats, smaller vegetables, and soft bread. Every kitchen needs a knife worth fighting over during brunch prep, and the Utility Knife is sure to fill that need.

For the dad that loves his espresso:
The Flair PRO 2 manual espresso maker ensures the best in espresso while maintaining a portable package. Still beautiful, and still the best in manual espresso for the price, the PRO 2 features an integrated pressure gauge, a removable stainless steel spout, a handle grip, and an upgraded bottomless portafilter for better flow dynamics.

For the dad that loves Japanese steel:
Made from strong Japanese steel, the construction and design of the Induction 21 Steel cookware line guarantee superior quality. This Fry Pan pack includes an 8-inch and 10-inch Fry Pan. The main body of these fry pans has copper melted into the steel, which effortlessly conducts heat quickly and evenly. Titanium is also added for strength and durability to endure everyday cooking. To ensure healthy cooking, the steel is nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions to nickel. A dripless pouring rim reduces spillage along the side of the body. The easy-clean ceramic coating is PFOA and PTFE Free and no toxic fumes are released during heating. Featuring a wide flat bottom, sloped sides that cool to the touch, and long ergonomic handles.

For the dad that likes to stay very clean:
Swash 1400 Electronic Bidet Seat
This intuitive, user-friendly electronic bidet toilet seat is the result of over two years of research, design, and testing. Brondell conducted extensive reviews of their customer comments and feedback before creating a next-generation seat packed full of the most-loved and most-requested features like the nightlight, programmable settings, and additional nozzle positions.

For the dad that loves to try new sauces:
Fly by Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp
Created by chef Jing Gao, Fly by Jing’s chili crisp is beloved by Ghetto Gastro co-founder Jon Gray, who puts it on everything from ice cream to pizza. Gray says, “It transforms the vibe. It’s got a complex umami-to-chile flavor. You get garlic. You get black beans. You get peppercorn. It gives you a little numbing, tingling sensation.”

For the dad who likes smoky reds:
Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce
This habanero-laced hot sauce (with the cutest mascot we’ve ever seen) will hit the spot.

For the dad who takes pasta seriously:
Marcato Atlas Pasta-Maker
Whether he’s a certified Italophile or simply loves to cook, this precisely calibrated pasta machine from an Italian company that’s been around since the 1930s is a classic and comes recommended by a pasta pro.

For the dad who has podcast dreams:
Blue Yeti X Professional Condenser USB Microphone
A professional microphone will set him apart from the other tinny-sounding podcasters.

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