Globally, humanity is feeling the healing, remuneration, indemnifications, and fortuitous sudden events taking place. There’re also other serendipitous events floating on the physical plane, and from the spiritual plane within the governmental structure. Change is inevitable for the prior, past, current, and future generations, laying out a blueprint just as you would a business plan. Each generation teaches another the tools and resources needed to progress forward for the economic development of oneself, and your community. A great tool you can have is knowledge of self and apply God-given gifts, talents, skills, and expertise with a service or product to assist humanity in day-to-day operations. “Your purpose in life is to use your gifts and talent to help other people. Your journey in life teaches you how to do that.” Tom Krause

Capricorn: Exercise is vital to allow the energy within to circulate the oxygen through the body to discard any excess. Information flows to you as the wind blows, so take heed. What’s meant for you to receive will play itself out in its own way. Your gut instincts will determine the nay or yay. This weekly cycle relaxes like a person with a sedated feeling, sensing, and seeing how the dots are connected to the movie playing out in your affairs and environment. An extraordinary phenomenon is likely to occur yet the experienced shine light within the darkness. Communication and conversations are essential to your mental health and wealth. Stay, tap in.

Aquarius: You have the green light to ask, do and receive, to get what you need and want. Create a new adventure and attract new opportunities and experiences in your life. This is the cycle to purchase a big-ticket item on sale, equipment, winning a huge prize, or receiving an offer. A cycle to enhance your reputation. It’s a great week to debut a new service or product, along with networking and assisting in community events. You’re quite popular this cycle where it appears everyone knows your name and knows what you do. During June 16th -17th, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Pisces: A rebirth is a process that takes place after metamorphosis is complete. When you’re ready to give it your all the universe works with you. Get in a position to secure the bag, the deal, and the assignment that advances you to the next phase. Pregnancy, or some form of separation, graduation, demise, or the birth of a new concept is occurring this week. Money may also be attracting itself to you. It could come in forms of a gift, an inheritance, stocks, bonds, or something that you manifested into your reality. On June 18th – 19th it appears that something signed, sealed, and delivered has your name written all over it.

Aries: Health, wealth, family duties and responsibilities, and reconstructing your foundation, is what’s showing up in your forecast. Old debts and obligations are being settled. A few hiccups occur or things postpone where you may have to shuffle to stand your ground. Not in an inferior way. Relationships seem to be the theme whether it’s a marriage, pregnancy, separations, a proposal, a new deal, completion of a project, or ending of a change of career as well. Things seem like a whirlwind of life-transforming itself, all happening at once. On June 20th- 22nd make the commitment to move forward in your life.

Taurus: You are not the kind of person that just wishes. You make it happen! You know what it takes to build the dreams you envision. One thing’s for sure is that everyone is born with a gift, and you discover how to apply your gift to be a benefit and resource to humanity. This week you’re in the spotlight whether it’s being a keynote speaker, a spokesperson, or a business accelerating and making big decisions. You’re a leader, an innovator, a disruptor, and a trendsetter that comes from a generational background of prominent people who are revolutionary in your family, stirring up the pot in your community and society.

Gemini: Reasoning, through logic, is like entering a space to what may seem like a vortex of infinite knowledge. It’s like the messenger to humanity that senses something is occurring this week. It’s building up the confidence to show its face. Traditionally, always plan and be prepared for emergency events. This is like an avalanche effect occurring out of the blue. You’re adding an addition to your projects, or a surprise to a member of the family. During the 16th – 17th think about big and long-term investments.

Cancer: Remodeling and rearranging the home are in your forecast this week. Follow up on doctor’s appointments, and if you have any concerns, ask for a second, or even a third opinion. This cycle year indicates a possible misdiagnosis of health conditions. This is a time for harvesting and taking the lid off to breathe while taking control of your affairs. Put on those old fashion suspenders, with a suit and tie, and handle your business. It’s showtime! On June 18th – 19th, it’s either a deal or no deal.

Leo: Matters of the heart, health, work, spirituality, and partnerships are connecting with organizations as part of your forecast. Contracts and legal agreements need signing after agreed upon. Set aside time for a 15-minute cat nap or rest for stillness for a peace of mind. This is an exceptional cycle due to you feeling a renewed sense of a higher calling. It feels like a spiritual initiation. It’s a great week for events, promotions, travel, study, and ending what no longer serves a purpose in your life. During June 20th – 22nd, things may occur out of the ordinary that add flavor to your agenda.

Virgo: There appears to be a breakthrough before the upgrade this week. Through trials, and tribulations, an epic triumph is on the way. As you reflect, you’re filled with gratitude in your heart that you made it through the storm with open eyes. You can call it the rebirth of a new you. Now you’re able to share your magnificent story as others are experiencing something similar. The details are different due to the nature of the journey. You’re a beacon of light that allows your light to shine brightly.

Libra: It’s a great week to step out into the arena to showcase your talents and share information. Do you have a publicist, as this week you’ll need extra help or backup to keep the consistent flow? There’re a few things that’ll be up in the air, then suddenly fall into your lap as if it was there all along. That’s the universe dropping information. Give thanks when it occurs. Pay attention to the signs and those quick flashes in the moments of seeing something before it happens. It’s all in divine order. On June 16th – 17th, smile and patience are advised.

Scorpio: Compensation, health, work, friends, and neighbors are assisting in some shape or form. What messages are you hearing, and most importantly, seeing the outcome before it takes place? This is going to be a beautiful, yet melancholy cycle of issues coming to the surface. At the same time, the traditional way of doing things carries out its mission to fulfillment. It’s also likely to be an auspicious week of news regarding graduations, birth, promotion, ceremonies, appreciation, and a settlement of monies announcing itself.

Sagittarius: Information is coming to you like water flowing through the river. In the midst of it, you’re getting projects accomplished as some are ready, and packaged for sale. Keep on pushing, and working, and keep in mind the goals and results you seek. The special ingredient is you and taking care of yourself first. There are likely to be thoughts of changing your dietary habits, plus the discipline to stay the course. Your aura is attractive and inviting so don’t mind if people stare at you or ask for a hug or advice. The divine creator is working its magic through you and globally.

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