Nothing works unless you give it the energy to work. Making the connection, be it by conversation, networking, singing, dancing, writing, coloring, exercising, or meditating, all works when you do. Your body is the medium between the spiritual and physical realms aligning together. When one area is out of focus or function within your body, the others follow suit to rebuild or possibly destroy, depending upon the vibration or frequency you give it, and the food you’ve allowed yourself to consume. Instantaneous changes are occurring by the hour, minute, seconds, days, weeks, months, and years. This is a rebirthing of the soul to carry out a mission from your written DNA instructions. “I got, I got, I got, I got Loyalty got Royalty inside my DNA, got war and peace inside my DNA, I got power, poison, pain, and joy inside my DNA, I got hustle though, ambition, and flow inside my DNA.”––Kendrick Lamar

Capricorn: Another day, another assignment to complete the work. A reshuffling in the departments of love, romance, finances, careers, inheritance, and hidden things come to light. The power of practice, about putting your foot down and rolling up your sleeves to complete the tasks at hand is essential. This week may find unique and mysterious events occurring. June 23-24, there’s no need to ask questions. You’ll receive the message and lesson at the same time.

Aquarius: This week is different from the last one. Now that you see what you can do, it’s time to maximize your results. A curveball is coming your way, so be prepared to hit the ball out of the park. Any awkwardness that comes your way is the information you need to know to free yourself from your old ways. It’s time to move forward, or you will find yourself on the same merry-go-round due to the fact you haven’t learned your lesson. From June 25- 27 the question becomes, what are you choosing to attract in your life?

Pisces: You’re likely to attract exactly what you ask for by the power of your emotions this week. You’re the creator and director of your soul creating your own lane. In this cycle, you’re in the driver’s seat and can make anything you wish to happen become a reality in your life. You got a chance to take the lead. You can show them rather than tell them. Be impactful with your words and actions, as friends and colleagues, and assisting others in the community is in your weekly forecast. June 28-29, make decisions that are only in your best interest.

Aries: What may seem to be a contradiction is information coming to you at a fast pace, and it’s up to you to speak your truth or relate a message. Don’t second guess which only leads you too couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t situations. Be true to yourself at any given moment. It’s time for a change that only you can feel, sense, or taste. So mentally and spiritually, get yourself ready and prepared to act. Change starts within you. Once you realize it, your circumstances and environment need to change. June 30 is the beginning to make the kind of decisions to better yourself. Give up your old ways, now.

Taurus: Your approach is everything this week, especially the way you formulate your words. Your words can inspire, stimulate, and influence to sharpen the minds, and touch the hearts of many people who show up to listen. You have that spark within you as some may feel electromagnetic vibes emanating from you. A simple touch or hug can heal, soothe, relax, and comfort someone. This week your supernatural powers are shifting gears sending out signals as they reconstruct themselves into existence. June 23-24, an unanticipated phenomenon may occur, it’s nothing that will alarm you. Be thankful for the experience.

Gemini: You are built with everything you need to create your own life and destiny. This month’s experiences have been your teacher, with hidden lessons in disguise to see how good you want it. Positive thinking attracts positive solutions and results. When the tough get going, it can get tougher before the edges smooth out to have smooth corners. The process shapes you to see the beauty in the art of the work you do. No need to complain. It doesn’t resolve anything. June 25-27, the final product is ready, and decisions are being made to prepare you for the next phase of the process.

Cancer: This week, follow up on clues, hunches, and the information that’s being broadcast at eye level. Swift changes may be occurring within the blink of an eye. Think about investing in your dreams and gather all the resources needed to start your journey. Some form of recognition, rewards, travel, publishing, or maybe signing up for a membership is in the forecast. Avoid anyone being confrontational and encourage others along the way. June 28-29, it appears new beginnings are ahead.

Leo: Grand opportunities are coming your way, as well as doing things on a grand scale. Leo, you like to think big, go hard all the way while winning and keep a positive yet a humble attitude. You’ve worked hard and diligently this month so stay on task as the pressure was applied. You manage to pass with flying colors and garner an award for staying the course. You gain more when you apply yourself and allow your creativity to guide you. Take the lead working as a team leader who empowers and uplifts others. On June 30 it’s all about you and seeing the God in you.

Virgo: Mentally, you’re a quick wit on your feet. You know how to solve problems and handle stressful situations accordingly. In this cycle, round table discussions, conversations, and family gatherings are being highlighted. You’ll hear people with similar stories flowing in the ethers this week, and until the end of the month. Something unique is occurring within the stars and within humanity. Listen more than you speak. Your questions will be answered. June 23-25 the awkwardness for you is actually a confirmation.

Libra: You may be put to a test of which way to turn. Think in terms of the Jack-in-the-Box. Before it reaches the top and finds its way out, it experiences all four concerns. The same four concerns that have gotten you where you need to be, yet a lesson to finally go your own way. What good is it when you follow someone else’s rules and wait for orders to be given to you and schedules to follow? Follow your own rules and laws. June 25- 27, new terms and conditions come with upgrades.

Scorpio: Dramatic, drastic, and quick decisions are likely to be on the menu this week. It’s about an ending, and or beginning, of something new on the horizon. You’re ready to take a leap of faith to pursue a goal or dream. Having a heart-to-heart conversation can help relieve some tension you have from past experiences. Take time out for a full body massage. Your will, passions, and beliefs are heightened. Give it your best shot and see what outcome you’re likely to receive. The benefit of one-on-one talk is that you and your soul are having a conversation to make a move or solve an issue at hand. During June 28-29, allow nothing to stop you.

Sagittarius: Plan time for family, romance, vacation, and work, and squeeze in time for self-care. You have credence in your ability to perform any task at hand this week. You know how to make a phone call to get the job done. Adjust your speech to your environment and you speak other languages if necessary. You understand what it means to be diverse and well seasoned within your affairs. Investing in your spiritual wealth is beneficial to your body, mind, and soul. On June 30, financial and spiritual rewards are delivered to your mailbox.

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