One sign among protesters who disapproved of the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade was emblazoned with “Abort the Court.”

It was a clear indication of the increasing outrage that six justices in the highest court could make a decision that severely impacts millions of women, ending their rights to have jurisdiction over their bodies.

Of course getting rid of the Supreme Court is out of the realm of possibility, just like eliminating the Electoral College.

We stand firmly with the broad public disapproval of the court’s ruling, thereby placing our support with a recent poll of nearly 60% of Americans and two-thirds of women.

A chorus of Black women are voicing their disgust with the ruling, noting that if white women can be denied their reproductive rights, “what does it mean for us?”

Looming beyond a decision that President Biden said was a “treacherous path,” and one that Justice Alito said was “egregiously wrong” from the start, are a number of other devastating setbacks,
including the possibility of ending same sex marriage, right to contraception, and, heaven forbid, the right to exercise our franchise, which in many ways is already being abrogated.

The abortion question is sure to be a paramount issue in many of the primaries as we move toward the midterm elections, and like Democrats, we are in the throes of anxiety, wondering how things will play out since even during ordinary times (whatever that means) the party in power tends to lose political advantages.

No matter, we cannot take this lying down or take the Trump lies as a truth, which each day at the select House proceedings is revealing the extent to which he is complicit in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Yes, each day seems to bring a new predicament to overcome, a new overturn to reverse, and in the past, which in many instances is prologue, we must be as steadfast and resilient to beat back what appears to be the heavy shadows of oppression. Put a little more steel in the spine, a little more resolve in your resistance, and join us on the ramparts to withstand and defeat the tide of reaction.

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