Rebirth of A New Nation: Circumstances this month come with a serendipitous prosperity and added resources for your benefit. This month, the pressure is applied with a bit of a scuffle to claim what’s yours. Not a physical fight; the battle is within to take control of your destiny and change the narrative in your approach. The U.S.A’s birth return is here with a plan of action. This year is like a spin-off to a new foundation formed from the prior 7 years. Gemini, Cancer, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo seasons are highlighted, and where the U.S.A. works its hardest to plan new laws, structures, codes of ethics, to influence the progression of the agenda. Let’s not forget Aries season in the U.S.A.’s chart puts the emphasis on the woman, mother, roots, ancestors, trace of records, identity, and where you come from. Questions: Do you know your history and not the one presented to you? It’s about the one you seek in search of knowledge for a better understanding of you. “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Capricorn: July is a green light month to fulfill anything you believe you can do. Themes such as self-empowerment, community outreach, growth within your development, business meetings, and making bold and adventurous moves are in the forecast. You’re in the spotlight, networking, collaborating, and electrifying meetups. Ask and you shall receive. This month utilize your skills to build your empire, as word of mouth travels faster than the internet. Detach yourself from gossip and do what’s in your best interest now. Short distance travel is in your forecast. Be bold!

Aquarius: Pressure may be applied as a result of the process to complete projects, changes of circumstances, power moves, appreciation, and fulfilling prior obligations. Cancel your subscription on people, places, things, items that are no longer needed to evolve yourself. Learn how to nurture yourself, to create your space, and how people address you. Be assertive in your approach as this month is a death and rebirth process of your resources, profession, and decision-making adjustments in your life. Discipline is key.

Pisces: New adventures attract new experiences, and opportunities for your mental growth. Take care of your physical needs and gather your strength by reconstructing and reorganizing all aspects of your home and personal life. This cycle week be ready for sudden endings as new doors are opening. Be the specialist in your field to showcase your talents, or new development at the board meeting. Think big and positive on your agenda as you’re climbing to the top of the mountain.

Aries: In a blink of an eye, and right before your very eyes, swift changes are occurring like the forceful winds that blow your hat off. Catch up with the pace of things as you’ll seem to be popping up here and there. Word of mouth is a tasteful surprise; you never know who you may bump into again. Even with the tug-of-war of feelings taking you on a new excursion, the detour you experience only shows you different routes to take to free your mind. Reread all contracts as one word can be a deal breaker, or no deal at all.

Taurus: A new journey waits for you to come aboard and collaborate with a new class of folks. This month is showtime, and you’re well prepared like a salesman. You can capture the audience with your intelligence, products, or services to assist humanity on new levels. Set the tone, the foundation and you’re on your way like in 1, 2, 3: lights, camera, action. It’s like you’re the world traveler, and the voice of logic and reason. You make it make sense.

Gemini: The lover in you can be very pushy at times also with your words. July brings a whole new chapter in your life for endings, separations, nurturing yourself for self-growth, and emotional development. Your creative nature is ready to express itself in ways it hasn’t been before like the beast in “Beauty and the Beast”—the beast woke up to self-love and changed the game. When you interact with others you see what others see in you and your faith is now reawakened. Be the natural light you are and lead the way.

Cancer: July is your season, will feel some form of restrictions or limitations? Ask yourself: have you paid off your obligations or handled your business in a way for obstacles to be removed? Examine yourself as you reap the benefits this month. The slow approach is necessary for your own understanding of the information, and the lessons where you have ah-ha moments. Now pick up on the hints and put the piece of the puzzle together. Finances, romance, separations, duty are all calling your name. Order is necessary to free up space now.

Leo: Shine bright like a diamond now. The pace is picking up and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Do you have enough slices to pass out? Apply a cover fee of sorts to keep the social activities consistent and in high gear. This is about action, short distance travels, sudden meetings/discussions as a turning point in a direction to make an impactful decision. Soar like a bird and be the lion that shines its golden, attractive color in its Queendom/Kingdom. Power moves with major results suggest you stay ready and guard your throne.

Virgo: New adventures are up for grabs for a new learning experience. Like being a lover of knowledge, and the wisdom to empower yourself of what you’ve been programmed to think, eat and live. Out with the old and in with the new way of life to live. Your attitude has reached new heights as to be aligned with your higher self. Provide a pop-up class to learn new techniques and to share with others. Any form of networking and communication will excel.

Libra: It’s time to make a move and build your own foundation, spinning off in a new direction. You have the information, knowledge, and resources and now it’s time to act. New terms and conditions offer you a new lease on life to explore and create your version of reality. The program must continue to a new episode or movie. Finalize your game plan, apply the footwork, and get it done. No talking! It’s time to be about it.

Scorpio: When the wind blows, it blows in all four directions with the mist of a cool breeze, integrating a new agenda for better clarity. The foundation needs the tools and the requirements to complete its transformation to build upon. Without setting the tone of a sturdy bedrock, or giving shape, substance, or structure, then no foundation has been built. Pull yourself together and develop a plan where the focus is on getting the results.

Sagittarius: The purple Barney sings a long song, “I love you.” It simply means you have a lot of love to give and share knowledge with people to better themselves. After all, love makes the world go round. You’re the humanitarian sign seemingly of world knowledge, wisdom, and in return is rewarded just for that. When you help someone it’s like making them laugh. It brings joyful memories to reflect on when the times are tough. Smile and shine like the sun.

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