Rebirth of A New Nation: Globally, look for changes in finance, home, the workforce, social economics, social studies, schools, and education. Investments, the stock market, promotion, and classified information flowing through the ether are in question, with abrupt changes and departures. With the uprise within the divine femininity, protection is very needed; a warrior, a soldier who’s not afraid to rise to the occasion for peace, justice, equality, and freedom. When we as a people act in unison coming from the side of truth, nothing can stop us. The divine force is upon you. A layer of protection is around you. The USA does not play fair, only following its rules when those in control reap the benefit. You are going to learn a lesson with a number 4 energy. The birth of the USA is July 4, 1776, which in numerology equates to a number 4 energy. Besides the good, bad, and indifferent characteristics the number 4 energy carries, it only has so many moves before one catches on. It is like a Jack-in-the-box. “Leadership is not a position or a title. It is an action and example.” Unknown author

Capricorn: Your ambition mixed with your creativity draws out your passion. Pour it into your projects. July is an important month to complete tasks, projects, organizing, and planning so that you are prepared to take action next month. Radio, TV, and social media platforms are highlighted, along with self-expression and sharing a message straight from divine source. The spotlight is on you, Cappy, with offers, deals, and traveling on the table. Be mindful of business deals and new romantic relationships, because some feel like a soul connection. Listen to your instincts. Take the lead in your affairs as some things can end as fast as they start.

Aquarius: The focus is on business, family, financial and prior obligations, and establishing a blueprint. Mentally you are sharp in business matters and decisions. You are in a harvest cycle where an unexpected turn of events, separations, and a rebirthing of the soul mission within your D.N.A. will occur. Any scandals, underhanded, funny things can come about; also you’re improving within your character. Old and new money is in the forecast. On July 7, score a 3-pointer from the court while the clock is still ticking.

Pisces: Deep spiritual revelations baffle you. You’ve been warned in your dreams and through conversations. Specialize, and invest in your dreams. And the passion drives you to follow up with a plan to act. Your emotions and intuition are on point. When something doesn’t feel right, take another route. Don’t be ashamed to call a spade a spade or a joker a joker. July 8 through July 9, take your advice and take the journey into the exciting adventure that is the unknown. Plan a trip.

Aries: Unusual unforeseen events regarding relationships, home, family, separations, and transformation are all occurring at once. Hold your composure, with the understanding that there is a plan for which you do not have all the details. Your profession is expanding, and rapid changes in obligation are at a culmination or renewal. Areas of service and work are heightened as no matter what occurs, attend to duty and responsibility. July 10 through July 11, a decision you need to make will be on the table or a roundtable discussion with everyone present.

Taurus: Social media and word of mouth have your name everywhere. People are tuning in for wisdom given by you. It would be a great time to offer a course, as you are in the spotlight. Use your reputation and character to make a name for yourself. What you want is within reach through networking. Business affairs are booming. Make the right decisions, ones that tend to be in your best interest. July 12 through July 13 set the tone and foundation as you mean business, nothing personal.

Gemini: Continue to develop your plan to strike when the iron is hot. Review all documents and details before signing any contract or making any deals. Do the paperwork first. Your intuition is potent. When things seem off; question or cancel your subscription. Travel, publishing, editing, or creating a movie etc. is in your forecast. July 7, listen more than you talk and do not point the finger blaming others. Look at yourself first and the handling of your affairs.

Cancer: What’s the plan as you embark on a new journey? A renewal of your finances, resources, inheritance, or taxes, as you take a significant risk in life. You are changing the narrative regarding your personal relationships with your children, family, or commitment such as marriage and one to yourself. What you invest in is significant during this time, setting you in a new financial direction. Follow up on any doctor’s appointments. July 8 through July 9 with any joint venture, make sure the paperwork is complete as investments can bring luck and prosperity in the long term.

Leo: Messages, information, conversations, and gossip are quite the buzz. Progress is being made within your business. As for legal matters such as contracts and partnerships the moving is fast paced. Keep a record and take note of important bullet points for review. Traveling where the beach, sand, mountain, and birds are chipping is refreshing. July 10 through July 11, you are in alignment in a spiritual perspective entering other dimensions to apply information in the physical realm. A spiritual initiation can occur. Be it in your dreams or in the physical realm.

Virgo: The director of the Goddess/God behind the scenes is making it happen and changing lives. It’s time to plan to head to go in a new direction. Create the formula, then apply yourself until you see results. Learn from all experiences, including mistakes. The odd, unexpected curveball that life throws at you, is just a test of your faith and due diligence. July 12 through July 13, ignite the creativity of burning desire from inside to be released in the form of a book, service, or product.

Libra: New changes are swiftly setting you in a new direction, one you create. You will be in a lane all your own, where you won’t have to be controlling or bossy to get the things you need. God’s messenger is sending you a message. And you need to hit the ground with a plan of action. Be original in your work, as this is just the beginning of a new phase. On July 7, pull up your bra straps and fellas, tie your bootstraps, and gear up.

Scorpio: A sudden turn of events prompts instantaneous action. Take heed of what you hear, see, sense, and feel. Brisk departures, separation, misdiagnosis, financial windfall/losses, and prior obligation is in the forecast. A great cycle to reorganize your home or relocate. Sever the ties for the better of your future. On July 8-9, set yourself free, go in a new direction, and know that you have free will. Contracts and documents are what bond us to certain things in life. Work around them.

Sagittarius: Globally, laws are being changed and implemented, and as the laws of your state are changing, you will be entering a cycle that causes you to want to research those new laws and take a course regarding the law, publication, and world-traveling excursions, or become a spiritual guru. You are a scholar whose knowledge can be a help to the world. With good intentions, you can succeed. July 10 through July 11, direct messages with instructions are given to you as you can sense what’s forthcoming.

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