African American Veterans Monument Credit: Contributed

The first of its kind African American Veterans Monument (AAVM) will recognize the contributions of African Americans who have served and are currently serving in all six branches of the military, during the war and in peace times whether they enlisted voluntarily or were drafted.

The Monument honors the contributions made by African American Veterans. The dedication and unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Sept. 24

African Americans have served in all 12 of the country’s major conflicts, beginning with the Revolutionary War in 1775. A disenfranchised group, African American Veterans, fought for the ideals of our country since its inception, despite facing unequal representation, disrespect, and disregard for their basic civil rights. Its design features 12 black concrete pillars symbolizing 12 campaigns from the Revolutionary War to the War on Afghanistan. It stands for the integrity, strength, and resilience of African Americans from every branch of service.

The inspirational video that introduced this project to the community can be viewed at. The monument will extend the current footprint of The Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park on Buffalo’s waterfront at Canalside and the Erie Basin Marina.

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