Rebirth of A New Nation: Whatever the U.S.A.’s plan, it has been set into motion. Things are taking a sharp unanticipated twist. The script has already been flipped, passed on, and tossed on another person’s desk to pick up the slack. There are layers to the unfolding process like a baby developing in a woman’s womb preparing for birth traveling down the birth canal for crowning. The fortuity of occurrences this month is unfathomed. No more jack-in-the-box tricks when you are face to face with power. The greatest power is within. A lot of folks do magic for personal gain on other folks (spiritual warfare, assault, attack). Redirect that energy in a different direction than on your hue of people. There are bigger problems globally. The super full moon in Capricorn at 21 degrees will reveal what’s hidden with a ripple effect blast of effect of Mars, Uranus, north node all in conjunction ushering in fated events. Balance is key and stay centered as your emotions are intense. Utilize the moon energy to get rooted, grounded, and disciplined in your affairs along with your creative endeavors. “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service, and character.” William Arthur Ward

Capricorn: There lies a powerful message within you to share, discuss, to reach out to your community network. Old and new information is being released from years of study, research, teaching, and experiences. The world is at your fingertips to harmonize your knowledge within the community web. An increase within your service or product to operate differently. Keep your mind clear and your creativity open while avoiding gossip, defamation, deceitful clout chasers of others who want to latch onto your light. Days around July 20th are your eye-opening days.

Aquarius: The rumbling effect before the Big Bang theory hit. Secure your blueprint with a careful examination of all T’s being crossed and I’s dotted before you submit the final copy. A lagging effect is floating in the air intentionally so pay attention and be aware of what you do and the words you speak. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun. Focus on your agenda. Ask for a second medical diagnosis if the first one doesn’t resonate. July 14th -15th: Seek information from within.

Pisces: This is a soul-to-soul connection with the mirror, mirror on the wall who do you see. Your creativity is dazzling, shining light on your endeavors, projects, and appearance. You are receiving direct messages, and guidance, from source to spread your message or service. Believe in your gift. Have faith as anything is possible this magical cycle week. July 16th -17th: Level up.

Aries: A mystical journey as you release those inner old patterns and behaviors that’ve been a temporary joy. Focus on improving your skills as every day is a new opportunity to learn and evolve. An uncomfortable month strengthens your growth integrity while learning to stand your ground. Money-related matters have a gift to offer. Follow your agenda, no one else’s. July 18th -19th: Health, commitment, family, and knowing your limits as some form of appreciation or reward appears.

Taurus: Set your terms and conditions no more dancing with the wolves and swimming with the sharks. Fly with the birds. Following someone else’s agenda is not your style. With north node in Taurus in conjunction with Uranus around July 18th break free of the 4 corners plots and schemes. This cycle week you are building a part of your newfound foundation. The unanticipated knee jerk reaction occurs to relate a message in the oddest moment having an epiphany. July 20th: Your creativity is your superpower.

Gemini: A time to fine-tune and listen to your clairvoyance. When you get an inkling follow through. With any unresolved circumstances be open to a heart-to-heart discussion and listening before you speak. Control your emotions and do not point fingers. In careers, a great window of opportunity awaits, choose the one in alignment with your work. July 14th -15th: Slow down the pace a bit to catch a breeze.

Cancer: Bearing gifts in ways of counsel, rewards, unexpected recognition, and compensation for your dedicated work. Family gatherings, other social events, and assisting your family members, especially the elders. Thinking about investing in your dreams and canceling your 9-5 subscription to start. Improve in areas of your diet, work, appearance, and home, and stick to commitments to see results. July 16th -17th: Unfamiliar signals within your body are sending you data to acknowledge something within.

Leo: You feel a deeper calling within your work, partnerships, and decision-making heading in a new direction. You are on a soul mission preparing for the outcome the following week. Shine your light, use your expertise, to share what you know. What is your story? What is your why or passion that drives you? Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically you feel the liberation within awakening you to your power. July 18th -19th: Lay down the structure; you have the green light.

Virgo: You are reprogramming yourself by unlearning the spoon-fed ways of society’s program. Consciously you are tapping into your higher self. Growth and power come with a sacrifice mainly letting go of any attachments. Moving in a new direction becomes part of your lifestyle. Follow up daily with discipline. Great discipline offers abundance and rewards when you improve and submit to a higher power. July 20th: You just know what you know, no validation is needed.

Libra: As you begin a new journey, change your ways. Stop abusing your spiritual power to get what you want. In this weekly cycle either you are learning a lesson or reveling in the same cycle receiving the same results. Choose the side of truth and forgiveness. Life is what you make it. Strive daily to be upright and allow people to see the good in you and what you bring to the table. July 14th -15th: The divine always tests us at some point.

Scorpio: It’s amazing how one minute you are feeling a certain way then the truth is revealed, or a déjà vu experience occurs. Take heed of the information forthcoming it’s going to be beneficial and make sense later. A spiritual ineffable phenomenon you can call it. What’s your tone, setting, and structure as you are laying down the roots of a new beginning. July 16th -17th: Swift changes and sudden endings and beginnings at unexpected moments are possible. Keep the faith.

Sagittarius: It was all a dream as dreams disclose much more information beyond the physical world. The Physical realm acts as a fictional world where we play the game of monopoly or to take advantage of having a human experience. Partnerships, worldly travels, all sorts of conversation through mail, email, as people say and do the darndest things and ask of you to give them the world of you. Nothing you can’t handle or haven’t heard of before. July 18th -19th: Things almost like the TV show “Stranger Things” occur.

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