On July 9, the Edo Organization of New York celebrated their Independence Day at Hempstead Lake State Park.

Edo BBQ in Hempstead Credit: Nayaba Arinde photo

Hosted by the organization’s president, Efe Okuns, the group continued the annual honoring of the rich history and culture of the Edo people of Nigeria.

Credit: Nayaba Arinde photo

Members and their family and friends not only enjoyed great home-cooked Benin dishes such as jolloff rice, moi moi, boli, roasted corn and puff puff, but also good music, conversation, and they congratulated and gifted new graduates.

Credit: Nayaba Arinde photo
Credit: Nayaba Arinde photo

Member Ameze Aluyi Ibude told the Amsterdam News, “We recognized the children of our members who graduated from elementary, middle, high schools, and also college graduates. Each student gets a check for successfully graduating. This is to encourage them.”

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