Right now, the longest running show in Broadway history, “Phantom of the Opera” at the Majestic Theater on West 44th Street, is making another kind of history with two Black performers in the lead roles of Christine and Raoul. Emilie Kouatchou and Jordan Donica are working together through Aug. 1 and they are worth your time!

Kouatchou made history when she became the first Black performer to get the principal role as Christine, and Donica made history when he became the first Black performer to play Raoul on Broadway. They also both made their Broadway debuts with this incredibly powerful Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. While Kouatchou will continue as principal in the musical, Donica, who first graced the stage in this role from June 13, 2016 to January 28, 2017, will only be there a short time.

When you go to see “Phantom,” as millions have done for decades, you should already expect some of the most energized and thrilling songs you will experience in a theater, because let’s face it, Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius and “Phantom” is an amazing legacy that he has given Broadway. But to combine that with two Black leads, it’s simply fantastic! With that heart-pounding music and the emotional storyline—the Phantom is in love with Christine, but Christine and Raoul, who are childhood friends, reunite and fall in love while the Phantom is left feeling betrayed—and you have an explosive scenario.

Both Kouatchou and Donica put their hearts, souls, and stupendous voices into these roles and they make the intensity of their feelings come alive. This is definitely a reason to go to see this musical that has entertained the masses for so long. These actors work so very well together. There is a bonding that builds right before your eyes and it is lovely to experience. I also love the fact that they have such commanding stage presence.

Make your plans to take the family and see “Phantom of the Opera.” Visit www.us.thephantomoftheopera.com for more info.

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  1. Well, it should be the case, but not praised! We discovered with our diligence, zealousness, and common sense realized the history we have come to know is a blatant lie and it is fact-checked and documented that the creation of all stems from our ancestors; for example, LES MISERABLES was originally written by a black man speaking of his struggles adapting to life after incarceration. It was called THE MISERABLE and Frank Guida was in the process of taking it back to its original form until he died on May 19, 2007. He was born May 26th, 1922 in Palermo, Italy. The saying is true that, when an elder dies, so does a library.
    Congratulations, break a leg!

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