Rebirth of a New Nation: Make a wish: there is pressure on to strike while the iron is hot and food is nicely ripe. Uranus is in Taurus conjunct north node from July 18 until sunset of Aug. 6. It’s time to hop on the bus and not get left behind, for those who are ready before Uranus in Taurus retrogrades on Aug. 24 just after 9 a.m. Amid the heat are twists, turns, and fated events. The divine gods and goddesses are rightly standing up to claim what’s rightfully their contribution, and the demand is on humanity to play its part to stand aside and allow your spirit to guide you. Your ancestors are your protection when you believe they are forever present. Their presence is divine timing in the old-fashioned way with an extraordinary bang of flavors added to the rainbow. On the evening of July 31, Mars the super warrior pushes the envelope and ups your ante until sunrise Aug. 2, to give you a rush of passion, adrenaline, and force needed to propel you to make a move. “To forget one’s ancestors is to be a book without a source, a tree without a root.” Chinese proverb 

Capricorn: Divinely intuitive messages are flowing through your veins initiated by a spiritual pursuit to follow up. Do what’s right in your soul. Allow your hunches to guide you with a positive get-it-done attitude. Say what you mean, as swift changes in decision-making are transpiring. Publishing, writing, TV, radio, public events, and advertising your service or product are in your weekly forecast. An auspicious cycle, one that requires a double take with a smile around July 20th-22nd. 

Aquarius: When your projects are finalized and ready for production it makes your heart sing and jump for joy. July was a tough month to put in the work to fulfill your dream or task. You are in the spotlight to promote your services and products, share your expertise, even trade for trade. A phenomenal week to make investments and follow your first thought. Drastic changes are floating in the air to address certain circumstances before excelling to the next level. July 23rd-24th is a bittersweet moment. 

Pisces: During certain phases of our lives, things are kept from us until we are ready for the lesson or mission. This weekly cycle is one of those weeks of self-inventory and things being revealed, bringing ah-ha moments. Listen closely as there is a message the divine is delivering to you for better understanding. A feeling of a tug here and there, is there for you to take notice of details while being in the midst of everything. July 25th-27th, slow down a bit.

Aries: A tug in the love, work, and family department is demanding your presence. Attend to duties and get them done to ease and free up your time. There are a few things taking priority within your environment such as work, a wedding, a marriage proposal, business meetings, and completion of projects. You have a full agenda, one that needs structure and time management as being on time or running behind schedule is a theme this week. Some things come fast while others lag. Things start to ease up approaching July 28th-29th.

Taurus: Take the lead on your affairs because you are your own boss surrounded by other bosses collaborating under one umbrella. The universal frequency is ripe to conclude roundtable discussions, board meetings, press conferences, and joint ventures in partnerships. A sure feeling of divine alignment that is part of your soul mission. A new profound feeling is sparked inside. Uranus in Taurus conjunct north node from July 18-Aug. 6, 2022, until around sunset. You’ve got the green light and keys to unlock your awaiting gifts. July 20th-22nd share your knowledge at a speaking engagement or audience. 

Gemini: What’s better than divine timing to get things done during the slow-motion process? Patience is required to hit a grand slam with an extra bang sending all your team members home. Check in with your emotions so that you keep calm, allowing no one to get you off your square. Termination and elimination are part of the process this month to move forward in life. Clean out your closet and your home, weeding out distractions. You are purging with tears flowing, aiding in the healing process. July 23rd-24th, muscle up. 

Cancer: It’s prime time as cancer season is ending and you are thriving in your profession and home life. Health, family, investments, and relationships are taking a turn for the better. You must be willing to admit your flaws and the role you play as well.  Forgiveness is key as this week holds financial gain from prior compensation for services rendered. July 25th-27th you are feeling yourself; it’s best to utilize that energy for the betterment of self and health. 

Leo: Partnerships are forming with a splash and twist of fated events sent with a gift from the divine creator. Emails, messages, calls, and other forms of communication need a response. Do you have a secretary, as your schedule is full? This week no doubt there’s a feeling of a soul mission, and the call to step up and do your part. You have a message to deliver. Approaching the days July 28th-29th, shine your light as your aura is glistening. 

Virgo: The anticipated conversation that needs to be addressed is being acknowledged and communicated to get back on track. Your emotions and intuition are high, you are advised to listen carefully and pay attention when your behaviors and tone change. You are experiencing an incline within your business, work, and home duty. Groups and other organizations are scouting you to join their team. July 20th-22nd choose wisely. 

Libra: All eyes are on you with lights, camera, and action. The question is, are you ready and prepared? This cycle week entails partnerships, semi-legal matters, and a one-on-one soul-to-soul conversation with self, conveying a message for you to change. Redirect your walk, talk, drive, words, action, and environment to what better suits your style and to fulfill your mission for advancement. July 23rd-24th things occur once in a blue moon, as folks say. 

Scorpio: When life gives you lemons make lemonade, lemon pie, lemon juice, lemon popsicles, lemon drops, and lemon oils, making life sweeter and more zestful. You feel the calling intensely where you feel it in your bones with shakes and quivers like a caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly. Allow it to flow, as it may seem a heavy force is upon you. Keep moving to reach the finish line. July 26th-27th take the initiative and listen before acting.

Sagittarius: Your dreams, vision, and thought process are very lucid to the point you feel like it’s an illusion. Nope, it’s real as everyday people and life aspects. The scholarly knowledge and information and sharing it with the world—it’s your turn to apply that data to you forming a foundation on a global scale. Process of elimination, termination for those who no longer serve a purpose within your establishment. It’s time to downsize or upgrade. Your call. Days leading up to July 28th-29th you will understand the plan better as you see the details through and out.

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