It’s no secret that I am stepping into my fragrance journey because I grew up in a home without scent. My parents were adamant about natural smells and shied away from anything that didn’t fit their philosophy.

In my search to learn what makes a great fragrance great, I was introduced to the world of MUSE, which is best described as a modern, urban, sensory experience. Located inside a stunning brownstone, MUSE was founded in 2017 by creative director Kimberly Waters, where she curates exclusive and niche fragrances from global, independent, and emerging brands.

Here’s what MUSE’s creative director, Kimberly Waters had to share about why she’s made fragrance her life.

AmNews: Your brownstone on Edgecombe is stunning. Why did you choose to set up Muse inside a classic brownstone?

Kimberly Waters: Thank you. I wanted a nostalgic place and ambiance to introduce folks to fragrance. My friends owned a brownstone on Convent Avenue, which has been in their family for 85 years. Such rich history. That was MUSE’s first location. Their grandmother was an entrepreneur and I thought it was a fitting destination, as I continued my journey. I also wanted a place where I can entertain and manage my risk as a new entrepreneur.

AmNews: How can fragrance lovers connect with you?

KW: I am a phone call away! Fragrance lovers can check my website,, or follow me on IG: @muse_experiences.

AmNews: Curious, what type of fragrance lovers actually step into your lovely space?

KW: Great question. Well, I started MUSE with the intention to introduce my community to artistic and niche fragrances. However, NYC is so diverse, my neighborhood is changing, so my clients are very unique. From older clients, in the early 90s, looking for their birthday fragrances, to radiologists from Chicago that come to New York regularly, we welcome locals, tourists, and anyone wanting the local experience.

AmNews: How would a person step into a lifelong fragrance journey?

KW: By starting. By being curious. By having an open nose to all possibilities.

AmNews: That’s me and I’ve started, thank you, for helping me on this journey.

KW: You are so welcome. I’ve always worn fragrances. It was very much a part of my upbringing. From watching my mother apply it, to sneaking a few spritzes from my grandmother’s perfume of choice, CoCo Mademoiselle, scent has always been an integral part of my life, my grooming, and how I present myself to the world.

AmNews: I can only imagine your fragrance list. Is it divided by seasons, occasions, locale, and price range?

KW: Great question. At Modern Urban Sensory Experiences we act with intention. We focus on the versatility of the brand, price point, and brand categories, or we curate based on what the client is looking for on their visit.

AmNews: Fascinating. I love it. Brooklyn Eau De Parfum looks amazing. Next stop, reviewing all of the fragrances. One by one.

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