Rebirth of A New Nation: Shine your light on the darkness. The full moon in Aquarius at 19-degree conjunct Saturn is a wake-up and shake-up with a knee-jerk reaction as to what lessons you have learned from your experiences. By month’s end, Pluto is at 26 degrees Capricorn, Saturn is at 20 degrees Aquarius, Neptune is at 24 degrees Pisces, Jupiter at 7 degrees Aries, and Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus soon to gladly join the retrograde party. Chiming in the north node at 16 degrees Taurus, south node 16 degrees Scorpio, either you are in illusion or living the reality; also, spiritual initiation and messages are chiming in to spread the word of your soul mission. The energy playing out is power play and power to the people for those who are bringing something essential to the table and not just talk or a plaything. What systems do you have in place? Useful information that can be applied is a game changer. As we enter Virgo season the tone of the music is getting louder, as your ancestors send out the birdcalls and sounds of triumphs and drums, playing with the musical band on key with the right tone and pitch for alignment and ascension. “Music may be the activity that prepared our pre-human ancestors for speech communication and for the very cognitive, representation flexibility necessary to become humans.” Daniel Levitin

Capricorn: These weekly cycles require discipline, commitment, structure, and elimination of outdated material things, places, and people, to clear your space. Apply a touch of your organizational skill to complete tasks. Capricorn, your intuition is heightened and the need for concentration with stillness is vital to score a touchdown. Your health, appearance, family obligations, and trimming down the fat can assist in your affairs. Around August 16th-18th continue to make the short-term investment for the long-haul rewards forthcoming by the end of August.

Aquarius: This cycle is a game-changer by bringing value to the table with your skills, talent, and within your profession. You are building your foundation and team while showcasing your service. Your services are your amenities, and you are the resources. Tie your shoestring, fasten on your suspenders, and apply your happy feet, putting in the footwork to build the foundation. August 10th-11th the full moon is ripe, upping your ante in your sign to utilize your skills just as you did on the new moon on February 1, 2022.

Pisces: You are the boss, founder, and CEO. Just as the board of directors you are in meeting with, you have a say in the business direction and contracts. August indicated being grounded, preparing for your grand opening, or finishing up a project you have been working on. An exciting, productive week meeting new people and also those with a high profile. Get involved in the community, be it on social platforms, networking events, or Zoom to get to know your audience better. August 12th-13th, listen carefully before responding.

Aries: Divine timing with alignment as data is coming to you to take heed and record the information. Your spirit guides and ancestors are giving you clues about upcoming scenes playing out for you not to be caught off guard. There is only so much information given and the rest is up to you. Any legal or partnership matters are best resolved by the 22nd towards the end of the month. August 14th-15th, allow bygones to be bygones while working on your inner self.

Taurus: Publicly how folks see you, you are building and securing your foundation. Internally, of course, people do not see the work, time, dedication, discipline, and the self-accountability to get where you are today. A slight feeling of health concerns causes a knee-jerk reaction to get you to pay attention to information for your growth. Slow the pace down a bit making a smoother structure with coordination as you walk, talk, and your appearance matches your frequency. August 16th-18th, your words are powerful and impactful.

Gemini: A whole lot of information is passing through your ears and people gossiping from the grapevine to inform you. Gemini you usually hear the news before it reaches you so you are prepared and aware. How you respond will be the follow-up; also gossip is good to a certain point. You like to be informed on a need-to-know basis and discard the rest. It’s time you take the lead and have one to three hands upbringing facts, figures, and documents to the table. August 10th-11th is a very interesting storyline sending mixed signals of truth and false.

Cancer: There is no plan when the universe intervenes to straighten out matters of the heart. Your focus is redirected and your emotions are on steroids filled with love and change. This indicates a commitment to self and finally making the changes needed to evolve yourself in family, health, career, and personal development. A soul-to-soul conversation that feels more like a spiritual initiation is giving you a lesson and a review of your life. Being tested to stay true to yourself. August 12th-13th is time for a change and to take accountability for your actions and who you allow in your environment.

Leo: The energy is ripe to address and respond to situations that needed clarity. Adjustments within the home, appearance, remodeling, and thoughts of relocation are featured as you head in a new direction. As you embark on this new journey, outlining and brainstorming are helpful. New concepts bring new innovative adventures and dynamic, sudden, spontaneous, meetings, training, traveling, etc. August 14th-15th, seize the moment and live for the experience of life to advance you.

Virgo: On your mark, get set, go as Virgo season is right around the corner. The experiences and messages for your season are bringing an interesting topic for discussion at a round table or starting a course or even a survey. The shakeup in your mental faculties is asking you to decipher the information before spilling the beans. Virgo, you love facts and figures for demonstration and as a resource. The love department receives a spike of romance or a romance for a hobby or even a pastime. August 16th-18th, do what’s in your best interest.

Libra: It’s a time to put in the work as you will experience some odd, unanticipated knee-jerk reactions in your body. That’s a sign from the divine creator for you to learn something about yourself. It requires you to make adjustments, and you know exactly what they are. The trigger is real. It’s a learning experience getting you uncomfortable with your comfortability. It’s time for a change. August 10th-11th, listen carefully and move in silence for a bit.

Scorpio: An inquisitive week of things, people unveiling information in the most unimagined way to you. Remain still as you continue to go about your daily affairs, rather than being pulled by your coattail by the divine creator. Polish up on a course, research a field of study, and visit a body of water for purging and cleansing as you may shed a few tears as things come to a head. A burst of inspiration and motivation follow suit after shedding a few tears with laughter. August 12th-13th, enjoy yourself while planting new seeds.

Sagittarius: This is the green-light special week; even as you are driving the speed limit you catch all the lights. The businesswomen/men with a plan are on a move strategically as you enhance and extend your foundation. A harvest time to think big and score a touchdown for the team. A cycle where people are scouting out your talent who are willing to make an investment, offer, or collaboration. New things are on the horizon maybe, getting your TV show, podcast, or something in the public arena. August 14th-15th, you have what it takes; it’s your birthright, and your passion naturally calls you so that you dance to it and live out your potential.

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