Rebirth of A New Nation: Your ancestors are putting out a call with an assignment for those who are ready for the mission. You can feel it within the muscles and structure of your bones. An additional assignment is presented to you to grab the opportunity as it’s up for the taking to quickly claim it. Applied pressure is feeling intense this week as you push the envelope and receive a push reward as other weeks will follow suit. Organizing, decluttering, preparing paperwork, redrafting, rearranging, business meetings, board meetings round-table discussions: stay in preparation. Listen to the messages coming through while mentally going with what feeds you and keeps you thriving. Two days prior and after the 18th the pace is picking up. “Our history begins, we are born. We represent the hereditary influences of our race, and our ancestors virtually live in us.” James Naismith

Capricorn: Set aside solitude and privacy in your world and deep dive into the depths of your soul. There is a message for you when you listen closely. A weekly cycle to investigate, research, become a specialist in your craft, and polish up any projects. Focus on things you enjoy that bring happiness to you. Address any semi-legal matters and that one-on-one heart-to-heart conversation at this time. Nature, water, fresh fruits, vegetables, meditation, and listening to frequencies that soothe your spirit. August 17th-18th, unanticipated events and surprises present themselves in a minor way. 

Aquarius: A time for publishing, traveling, teaching, and applying for a scholarship, grants, and memberships; also, a mentor enters your life either spiritual or physical. Develop new concepts within your projects and social appearance within the community by providing your service, products, and lecturing. An easygoing week where the universe has your back when you apply the footwork. Take caution this week and move a bit slowly and ignore anyone who wants to be confrontational. August 19th-20th, a patience advisory is in effect. 

Pisces: An ambitious kind of week of being grounded and practical to set your agenda into place while you get in position. It’s time for take-off especially this month towards the 27th of the month. Paying attention to the details as being detailed in coordination with the way you dress. Fashion is life to you; it tells a story similar to fine wine. August 21st-23rd, walk with ease and slow the pace down as you walk. 

Aries: A high-yielding kind of week that has you traveling here and there. Running errands and attending to business and family affairs are highlighted. Keep the conversation brief as you keep your focus on the main subject, no side talk. Review any important documents and terms and conditions before deciding and signing your signature. August 24th evaluate all the details and put the puzzle together. 

Taurus: This week gives you the feeling of water and air brushing against one another. Redirect your steps and follow up on your intuition as the messages reveal something you need to know. It’s the smallest details and information that holds the most weight, value, and wisdom. Take notes like you are in a classroom. Schedule a 15-minute timeout and a 2-day retreat for rejuvenation and clarity. The oddest energy is presently making you uncomfortable so that you change your style a bit or your patterns. August 17th-18th, throw a monkey wrench in your agenda and you will find out what you need to know.  

Gemini: It’s time for you to swing as high as you can go. Information has one heck of a speeding ticket on it, and you are not slowing down or wasting any time. This is not “hide and seek,” rather it’s “I see you” and “remember how people made you feel.” A woman of interest is in question be it a mother, aunt, wife, sister, coach, colleague also one that plays a significant role in your life. August 19th- 20th, always remember the building blocks and you’re why of a new journey. 

Cancer: Remain calm as information is flowing through your ears. A week to check your spending habits and get clear about your investments and partnerships. Spiritual pursuit is upon you this cycle, also flashbacks as when you were a child regarding your beliefs. Siblings, neighbors, uncles, and aunts will call upon you for help or a favor. Any outreach within your local communities will have a great outcome, even an offer of some sort August 21st -23rd.

Leo: This is an energetic fulfilling obligation and commitment month to accomplish any task or begin a new blueprint of your next creation. Balancing your emotions and boundaries is vital to weed out distractions. Tuning in with your heart and closing the books on things, people, and habits that no longer serve a purpose or feed your soul for transformation. TV, radio, news, or some form of public service is in your forecast. August 24th, apply the necessary footwork and line of communication to get results.

Virgo: You no longer need the training wheels or driving lessons as you are flying off this cycle. You have all the experiences to just be and operate effortlessly. A great month to start a new project with the tools and resources you have in place. It’s time for people and your immediate community to see you in a different light. You have the divine source among you to deliver messages to the people. August 18th, incorporate the building blocks into your plans and build with no excuses.

Libra: Don’t shoot the messenger, they are doing their job and you continue to do yours. You have a bright future ahead of you as you lay the foundation for your establishment. Changes within your circumstance in the home have you running errands here and there and also calling folks. Set time to be reclusive, as messages and directions on how to navigate this cycle are upcoming. Only in silence will you receive more details. August 19th-20th, fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle by observation.

Scorpio: Try something new, unique, and different in your business, personal, and family obligations. It’s time to deliver and bring information to the people or be a help in some way. A bit of pressure is applied to develop your product or service in a different way. A change within your profession, be it a raise, a new direction, or promotion as a soul mission calling is taking place. The caterpillar metamorphosis transformation. August 21st-23rd, organization, planning, and making boss moves with higher-ups. 

Sagittarius: This cycle can be like a drill sergeant, captain, and lieutenant giving you orders. Perform in a way that makes you happy and the assignment will come organically to you. A conversation with the authority or they are seeking your services for an investigation or research. Listen carefully to the details and assignment which is part of your inheritance. What you do this week will shed light on part of your journey. August 24th, people are given certain assignments to bring out your potential.

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