All over the world on Aug. 17, 2022, celebrated was the honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey––the Jamaican-born Pan-Africanist, publisher, writer and activist. It has been 135-years since he was born in St. Anns, Jamaica. The  man who inspired Black people in the diaspora to return to an “Africa for the Africans,” is respected and honored the world over. Brooklyn, New York is no different. The December 12th Movement, the human rights advocacy group stated that “In the spirit of Marcus Garvey which way forward; Resistance and Reparations––Presidential Executive Order Now––$50 billion downpayment for Black healthcare.”

Viola Plummer Credit: Afro Jeff Antoine photo

“Citing the decisive role that the African American voters played in electing Joe Biden, and the president’s verbal commitment to do right by the Black community after his victory, many African Americans are outraged that he is ignoring the issue of slavery reparations,” stated Kamau Brown, a volunteer organizer of the reparations rally on Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, held at Restoration Plaza 1368 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, N.Y. 

“We are sick and tired of being told to wait. Black folks have seen President Biden sign executive orders on a bunch of other issues, but has not signed one for slavery reparations. Are our centuries of sacrifice, terror and forced labor in the cotton fields not important?” asked a college student organizer who wished not to be identified for fear of retribution. The reparations rally was organized by a national coalition of historians, regional leaders, students, and activists connected with a diverse crowd who view reparations as a necessary tool to repair the damage done. Rally organizers envision reparations as “needed to build a state-of-the-art health care system all across the United States because health outcomes data clearly reveals glaring health disparities.” 

Marcus Garvey Rally Credit: Afro Jeff Antoine photo

“They stole us from Africa. They stole the wealth that our ancestor’s labor generated and use Jim Crow laws and lynch mobs in a desperate attempt to normalize barbaric behavior. The bottom line, however, is that Joe Biden must sign an executive order for a $50 billion down payment for reparations compensation. It’s time.” said, Omowale Clay, a member of the December 12th Movement. 

City Councilman Charles Barron Credit: Afro Jeff Antoine photo

Other rally speakers included: Philly-based activist Pam Africa; Councilmembers Charles Barron and Chi Osse, and December 12th Movement members Viola Plummer, Shaheed Muhammad, and Milton Jemmott – who determined that priceless is the cost of the systematic theft of Africans, the, enslavement, displacement, the disruption of history, culture, economy, language and possibilities.

The Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022 reparations rally also marked the 20th anniversary of the first ever national reparations rally that was held in Washington, D.C.

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  1. Yesterday here in Stafford Virginia a convicted felon murdered the mother of his daughter the young lady name was Aliya Henderson she was only 19 her daughter was one year old this young lady life and dreams was stolen from her by this convicted felon yet you want to wipe away the labels that mark the criminals misdeeds of these folks young black male thugs have single handily driven up the murder rate in cities and urban dwellings of America that cab driver murdered beaten by those who you would shield criminals convicts felons the terms are appropriate ybmt have declared war on Black Folks in America Philly, Chicago, Durham, NYC, Miami, Memphis you can go down the list the common denominator is young black male thugs and those who collaborate with them these are the enemy of Black People they victims are 90% other Black Folks and you would protect them that young mother who was murdered three weeks ago my her child father that is what the enemy of Black Folks look like.

  2. America unkind to black folks?

    MONTECITO, CALIFORNIA (10-10-22)—TO SOME BLACK FOLKS, AMERICA is the “promised land”. You’re damned right it is.

    Here’s just another (among many) black- person success stories. Communists KNOW it’s true.

    Race-baiting narratives by this evil communist machine are rife all across America. Damn them.

    Black folks can do just fine in the U.S. It just depends on the person, not his/her skin color.

    We’re glad Opra’s dreams have come true. Ecstatic. Only in America!

    Dig it:

  3. Poor, hard workin’ politician

    MARTHA’S VINEYARD. MASSACHUSETTS (6-24-30)—Martha’s Vineyard is on an island in Cape Cod Bay, home to the elites of elites in America.

    So a boy member of a Hawaiian “chume gang”, if he plays his cards right, can nail down a two-term presidency, and a $15-million mansion on 29 acres in America’s most exclusive island,

    This lifestyle, of course, reflects the terrible oppression black people suffer in the U.S. Just ask multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey. America just won’t give black persons a chance to succeed.

    Black Lives Matter, created and organized by little, white, college graduate, girly girls, tell the ignorant masses that black success in this awful racist country just isn’t possible.

    Check out Barack’s digs:

  4. Part of his usual thang?

    PORTLAND, OREGON (6-29-19)—If you’re a black guy in sick and politically correct Portland, it’s apparently open season on white women.

    Daniel Tuski Bertrand, 25, snuck up behind an unnamed white woman, 44, and hit her twice from behind on June 24. He hurt her badly, then strutted away.

    Cops charged Bertrand with 4th degree misdemeanor assault, but released him with no bail.

    It’s not clear at this time whether funeral arrangements for Bertrand will be necessary in days and weeks to come.

    For more info, check out this video (click

  5. “Kiss our boots”

    WASHINGTON, D.C. (6-9-20)—The Israelite School of Universal Practical Knowledge (ISUPK) recently set up a “camp” on a city corner, using a guitar/mic amplifier to spew hatred at every white person who walked by. Most ignored them.

    One obviously agitated white woman, however, prostrated herself below these rats, and at their demand , kissed their military style boots. Vitaliy Dzyuba, who shot the scene, didn’t say in which city the outrage was videoed.

    Said one white guy, “First, that white woman, ‘Laurie’ is a fool, a masochist. She kissed his nasty boots while they brayed like animals that a ‘Black Jesus’ will return to kill or enslave all white people.”

    Said another, “There are places in flyover country where these sonsabitches would be, to a man, shot between the eyes.”

    Among ISUPK members’ favorite scenes is dangling a plastic Virgin Mary from a hangman’s rope while stepping on a portrait of Jesus Christ. They are militantly anti-Christian and anti-Jew, claiming such folks are “descendants of hairy Esau”.

    The ISUPK is described as a black supremacist group, one among several others, that hang out mostly on the eastern seaboard. It’s a non-profit corporation whose “home office” is in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania. Its funding sources are not clear, though George Soros loves such outfits.

    According to Wikipedia, “Mobile clusters of up to a dozen extremist Hebrew Israelite street preachers, known in the movement as “camps,” have become a common presence at busy intersections, plazas and public transportation centers in large American cities, especially in Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., as well as Venice, Calif.”

    Addlepated members include Ammi Ben-Israel. Frank Cherry, William Saunders Crowdy, Arnold Josiah Ford, Capers Funnye, Arthur Matthew Wentworth, and Yahweh ben Yahweh. Phony Hebrew names are late additions to their alleged personalities.

    If you want to be happy, go pet the cat. If you can handle it without smashing your computer screen, check out this video:

  6. Congratulations to Viola Plummer on your many years of being on the wall for equality
    Happy 80th Birthday
    Your commitment has been a seed now blossoming with fruit.
    Thank you
    Mary J. Sweeting, Harlem NY

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