A change of scenery, production, in your mental environment due to there being a light switch turned on in the dark room. When the switch comes on your reality changes you are growing mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically evolving to a higher version of oneself. The new moon in Virgo at 4 degrees is ushering in clarity, providing facts and figures to know what’s going on. Your imagination is everything and your dreams do a great job providing the vision. Apply the footwork to give the vision shape and form. What is your strategy this week to get things done as America goes into Virgo season? “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” Colin Powell

Capricorn: Going with the flow following your inner guide while remaining true to self is advised. Follow up on any phone calls, check voicemail, mailbox, and emails, and do something for “self.” Family matters and important paperwork need to be addressed before moving forward with your plans. Sudden separations, endings, advancement, business matters, investments, and recognition of your dedication to your work. A new assignment is assigned as a secondary reward. August 26th-27th a redirection, revised, is in effect under this new moon in Virgo that favors your earth sign.

Aquarius: What’s the structure of your tone and foundation this week? Where are you in your plans of moving forward in your progress? It’s time to begin organizing and checking off your list to get it done. This weekly energy is going to make you step up to the plate. A feeling of illness, tiredness and unusual mood swings of behavior present themselves to you. August 29th-30th listen to your body as patience and rest are needed.

Pisces: It’s showtime with all the lights. Be ready to smile as people will ask for your advice, time, and monetary support as investors propose an offer to you. The reap of your harvest will have you smiling from ear to ear. Thinking about returning a favor or contributing to assist someone on their journey. Helping God’s people is helping yourself. You never know who you are assisting as the Divine Creator puts people in position as a test. August 31st level up with a grand entrance, opening, with an extraordinary exit the old fashion way.

Aries: Changes within your circumstances that you have been contemplating for some time. It’s time to make your move and follow your heart and where it is leading you. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually something inside is brewing inside to make the decision. Once you decide the universe must stand by your side and you need to be committed until the end. The journey is not instant due to the fact that you need the experiences for your growth. August 24th-25th swift changes are already in motion.

Taurus: Handsome rewards are pouring in with appreciation, and admiration, for being genuinely you. Any advice you can receive from an elder will be profound. Women of influence are also involved in your affairs, and that can be anyone from your mother and great aunts, women in the family, circle, or a mentor. A romance, finances, business, family week of fulfilling obligations. August 26th -28th your cup is full of support, growth, and financial matters are increasing. A relationship can begin be it business or personal and separation of something or someone.

Gemini: Decision-making, truth reveals, semi-legal matters, and documents need to be finalized. Call in that favor if needed and people are willing to help when you ask. This is a way to solve your own problems and find your solution by thinking them through. Check your voicemail, emails, and messages and catch a replay as details are within. Listen carefully and jot it down. You are on the go this cycle. August 20th-29th say what you mean and get it off your chest. How you start is how you end.

Cancer: August holds important research and self-evaluation when traveling down the “rabbit hole.” A week to start something new and choose a different path. The universe will stop you in your tracks where it feels very awkward. That awkwardness is in attendance to push you to listen, do something, and tune into yourself. The information you seek is right in front of you. August 31st make it your business for solitude, change and let whatever is holding you back go, to evolve.

Leo: The final week of August exit out in Leo style: cast your talents, and skills, and attend social gatherings. Make your presence known. You are reaping a peek of your harvest as other weeks will follow suit. Continue to put in the work as slow and steady wins the race. Schedule time out for yourself to unwind, release and attract the things that match your frequency. August 24th-25th it’s time to get more serious about your plans and take inventory.

Virgo:  You are a mastermind this cycle. You know how to get information out of people without asking too many questions and then on to the next subject or mission. Information comes to you in passing during your daily routine. It’s for you to relay the message to folks that cross your path. The Divine is using you as a vessel, so speak through you and don’t hold 411 back. Spread the love and the Divine will reward you for following instructions. August 26th- 28th with the new moon in Virgo begin a new additional chapter in your life with an assignment and instruction.

Libra: The time is right for you to reap the benefits of your dedicated labor. Relationship matters in business, family, and personal situations are the center of attention. One by one you check off as this week is no time for slacking and no running around like a “chicken with no head.” You have got to put some skin in the game and get serious about the direction you are heading. Leaders lead by example and grow from their best teachers called experiences. August 29th -30th pick up the mic and don’t drop it until you are finished.

Scorpio: The wheels are rolling, and you are in the driver seat driving that bus, car, bike whatever it is; you are on a mission. You identified and consulted with your higher self to decide to go in a different direction. You are set, fixed, and in your zone maneuvering and grooving for advancement in your life. When one door closes another one opens for the opportunity to level up. A week to inspire and motivate others along the way. August 31st ends with a big bang as information about an assignment flows through in a unique way.

Sagittarius: The song “This little light of mine” is your weekly theme. Put yourself out there with a service, product, inspiration, or even words of encouragement. Residual income is flowing with an abundance tag on it after you apply yourself. The world is waiting on you and you have a message waiting to exhale. Short distance travel or stay is in your forecast. August 24th-25th a quick claim deed has your name on it. Read the details first.

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