New York State Attorney General Letitia James Credit: Bill Moore photo

State Attorney General Letitia James took action to protect New Yorkers’ access to reproductive health care prescriptions and products at CVS and Walgreens pharmacies. Employees at CVS and Walgreens stores in other states have reportedly refused to provide customers with birth control, condoms, emergency contraceptives, and/or other medications related to reproductive health. 

James sent letters to both CVS and Walgreens reminding the retail pharmacy giants that it is illegal in New York to deny customers prescribed or over-the-counter medications or products related to reproductive health care.

New Yorkers seeking contraception or other reproductive health products at these two major chains have a right to receive those essential products. Reports from other states indicate that some employees at CVS and at Walgreens have refused to provide reproductive health products or services, and some Walgreens employees have even mistreated consumers by publicly harassing, embarrassing, and shaming them. In her letters, Attorney General James makes clear that similar behavior by CVS or Walgreens employees at any of their more than 1,000 locations throughout New York state is a violation of New York’s public health and civil rights laws.

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