The first week of September is a thrilling phenomenon: weekly cycles of experiences are unfolding right before your very eyes, faster than your eyes blink and lightning strikes. You may want to hit the alert button as things in the universe quiver, shake, shiver, flying here to there, and water mains break like a woman delivering her baby. The ancestors are moving with force, and pressure, in slow motion yet steady enough that you feel their presence within your bones that make the fat on your body jiggle. Mixed signals are flash news as the darkness and hilarious moments pop up like “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Finance, relationships, the Golden Rule is highly effective to reward or give you another lesson the grand old fashion way. “When the grandmother speaks, the earth will be healed.” Hopi proverb 

Capricorn: September is a stupendous month in areas of business, personal, and family relationships transforming into a new direction. A new assignment came down the pipeline in January 2022 then paused until June thru October. The decision is up to you to decide what direction as opportunities present themselves to you. Financial gain and losses paying old, and new obligations while investing in you is a requisite. Sept 4th – 5th preparation for the new ushering in breaking down old foundations emerging into the mature you. Self-awareness is key, and remember your WHY you began your journey. 

Aquarius: It’s time to take the lead. Take accountability for your actions to cross over into the new you. It’s time to act upon your passion and what price you are willing to pay. Sacrifice comes with speeding tickets, suffering, letting go, getting through the pain, and refusing to be a doormat where you are. Cut the noise and focus on you. Work in silence. September 6th-8th follow through. 

Pisces: It’s time to rise to the life you lead. Bring your A game with the pain, problems, and condition you experience to walk this path you are on. Share your story with others as some form of social media, TV, radio, is broadcasting you are invited to. It doesn’t have to be big, it can be your community reaching out to you. A cycle to take the initiation with a new perspective handling unfinished business changing your reality. September 1st is the way to transform your reality on the first calendar day of the month. 

Aries: Substantial changes are occurring in your immediate environment. Your perspective on how you view yourself and the position you play in the process. Information is accessible when you tap inside and flip the switch on. Admit your flaws, and take accountability, as this cycle comes with a great, great, great, great grandma, grandfather lesson. After you learn, the rewards begin to flow in. Retrieve one thing that’s resonated within you from someone you respect or look up to. September 2nd -3rd ask yourself the things you are doing daily, who are you doing it for?

Taurus: Schedule time out to nurture yourself with divine care. A full body massage, exercising, meditation, biking, the things you do in silence or by yourself for peace of mind. Opportunities and people are coming from all sorts of valleys, mountains, and from higher-ups. Listening to the right people who care about you not against you as they can be the ones telling you what you should do instead. September 4th-5th take a back seat for you to see the story playing out. 

Gemini: Water and air don’t always flow together that’s why hurricanes form due to the frequencies joining together. What’s your frequency this cycle and the program running on it? Be it your laziness, unforgiveness, or frustration, know that forgiveness allows you to recuperate that passion to make your move. The universe is showing you the way through details, signs, symbols, and people’s actions playing out in front of you. Find the patterns that you are familiar with and break that habit so that that’s conducive. September 6th – 8th the choice is yours for your future. 

Gemini: Are you ready to grab the bull by its horns to face your fears or take the steps necessary to start the process? While you are in the process of waiting for something to come through, you  are the only come-through option in sight. In process mode, your application is looked over, passed on, and stuck to the back of the work pile for later. Until you start to act upon the process, going through breakdowns, lonely moments, pressure applied, and the hard-knock lessons that make you cry only to align you with the next phase of your destiny. September 8th gives it your best shot even if it makes your knees weak and quiver. 

Cancer: Old wounds become intelligence to strengthen, and encourage you when life knocks you down.  Understand the true power lies within you. No need to give up, apply your confidence and perseverance through it all as pressure is on to reach a higher level. This is not an easy task, one that will make you throw in the towel. When those thoughts cloud your judgment remember where you started, the discipline it took to get thus far, and the relationship you built with self. You don’t see the development occurring in the background. Allow your faith to elevate you into higher grounds for the progress forward. September 1st life is an experience and part of the manifestation of your passion to make an impact on others.  

Leo: A cycle week where that WHY question kicks in. There are things beyond this physical realm of life that we don’t see often. Using your imagination is the closest to the spiritual realm to find the answers you seek inside. As new developments occur for you to step your game up mentally to put projects, and events into rotation. Inside there is a burning desire to know something instead keep hustling, and moving as transformation forthcoming will answer part of your question. September 2nd – 3rd pick up the pieces to the puzzle to discover the bigger picture. 

Virgo: When you have been down in the trenches and at times no one was around only you to converse. You felt alone yet the divine creator was building you from scratch. Your devotion, respect, psychological mental transformation for an upgrade, and hungriness to change the ongoing cycles within your D.N.A. to be the one to pursue a different path. You understand the change in your behavior is key for your D.N.A. to begin the domino effects for rebooting itself into a new season. September 4th-5th consider this an invitation to awaken the bones in your bloodlines. 

Libra: Are you ready to run, rock, and roll to stand firm on what you believe in? You got to drop dead Fred on everything that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life. You are on a purposeful mission and vision to fulfill a purpose. Dream on with the application. It’s time to start that assignment. Take advantage of the resources and the people within your environment. Don’t drain or use them up for personal gain. It will backfire. Do the right thing. September 7th – 8th it’s time to jump to embark on your passion. 

Scorpio: September starts with the moon in Scorpio. Between late August and 5 days after the 1st of September, your life picks up positively. Although it seems like you are pulling dead weight with an extra heavy load, always remember the divine creator will not give you what you cannot carry. Discipline is your execution as rewards are bestowed upon you. With the south node in Scorpio a time to renew yourself and your soul in a new direction updating your past lifetimes. September 1st new alliances and partnerships are emerging together for the better. 

Sagittarius: Your intuition is on point with flashes of insight. You understand your worth. When you do you associate yourself with like-minded beings and souls without fear. When it’s time to cut people off you let them go like air and burn like fire. Step your game up higher, and higher as you have a winner mindset designed for struggle and success. This journey you are on is not for the faint of the heart. You have your spiritual guidings leading you and your haters on standby. You can show people rather than tell them. September 2nd-3rd silence is your best friend as you take another step forward in your life.

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