Rebirth of a New Nation: September is a miraculous, exceptional month, one going down in history. Last Thursday kicked off the 1st of September, the day Jupiter rules. Thursday and Jupiter are associated with the number 3 and those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of the month, and the sun signs Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo and Aries benefit as well. Continue your due diligence on your agenda and projects, wrapping things up for manifestation. It’s a doozy kind of a month with your ancestors assisting to help humanity. Mother Earth is making way and her grandiose style affects structure, order, a rebirth of foundations, discipline, commitment, change, organization, unfinished business, and obligations that have not been addressed. September 10th sees a full moon in Pisces at 17 degrees in conjunction with Neptune in Pisces, its natural ruler, and of course it opposes the sun sign, Virgo. Mercury retrogrades on the 9th. Watch for mixed signals and be mindful of what you say and do. Apply an artistic flair while utilizing your gifts and pursuing spiritual endeavors, as your dreams are very foretelling and flooded with data. Record the information as the revelations occur. Inside the word “revelations” is “reveal.” “Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave. I am the dream and the hope of the slave, I rise, I rise, I rise.” Maya Angelou 

Capricorn: When you up your ante, you up the merit to embark on a new journey in your life, awakening the spiritual being in you. Pay close attention to what is occurring within your environment as the universe communicates to us in signs and symbols; the rest is made up. Our words allow us to express how we feel, connect, and assist one another. This is a game-changing cycle in which your dreams play a significant role. September 13th-14th you are in transformation mode to resurrect, experiencing life elevating to the occasion.

Aquarius: Messages, gossiping, and distraction want to consume you and your time. It’s best to follow the voice inside guiding you, or otherwise get a slap on the wrist for entertaining. This is an energetic week to claim your piece of the pie, so apply the footwork and push yourself until you are complete. Once you are done, the overwhelm is relieved. In this cycle, your actions are aligning with what you do and speak. On September 8th stick with your program, as information is flowing like water. 

Pisces: Buckle up as you hit the bumps in the road and the unpredicted serendipitous manifestations right in front of you. Mind what you value, because what you value can be taken away due to the lack of support you give. Apply some respect as you ask yourself what, why, when, where, who is coming into your life or what is forthcoming. September 9th-10th, what is your attitude and perspective? Being present is key. 

Aries: The connections, rewards, and compensation are yours for the taking once you align yourself. Allow the old to be just that and move forward with hunger in your belly. What are your dreams and goals in life that keep you committed to the journey? Mentally, spiritually, and physically, something is pulling you to a higher calling in a different direction. Break free to go harder, stronger with passion and that pioneer spark within you. September 11th-12th, make it happen, it’s either all or nothing. What’s the fight in you that pushes you forward? Recognition starts with faith to tear down walls built. 

Taurus: The messages are loud and clear—like the sunrise and sunset you can see the light coming through your window. Evolution is a dangerous move when you awaken the sleeping giant within. At that moment you awaken your soul to a higher level with another assignment. A cycle goes ghost for a few days due to the information forthcoming to you that needs your attention attached like currency. New ideas and concepts are flashing in like lightning strikes; jot them down. September 13th-14th, a new mustard seed has been developed to carry out the vision. 

Gemini: Cut the distractions out of your life and sit in a dark room to find yourself. Simply unplug and listen to the inside voice. Can you see yourself in the dark, and are you producing in the dark to find your way to the light?  Once you find the light, gratitude is acknowledged with rewards for sticking through till the end. You accomplish a milestone, something you thought was unthinkable was thinkable. The circumstance is what it is; it doesn’t define you, instead it pushes you to succeed. September 7th, focus is key to your agenda. 

Cancer: This cycle is a lesson on a lesson from the tradition of passed-down history, and it is up to you this lifetime to make use of. What are you going to do with the information and resources at your fingertips? Haven’t you seen and heard enough people that shared their would’ve, should’ve, could’ve stories? What is the story you are going to share with your children and the generation after you? What is your current mindset, that every day you work to see it through? September 9th-10th, position yourself to be in the position and network you want to be in. 

Leo: This is a mind-blowing cycle after the development of last week’s agenda. You have angels working in the woodwork guiding you to do this and that. Not everyone is privy to the wisdom you received this cycle. The information comes through the dream state, conversations, after an emotional release, visiting a body of water, after showering or bathing. Take heed of the resources and data on the horizon. September 11th-12th, a mystical divine intervention occurs, and your approach and attitude determine the outcome.

Virgo: Do you have all the ingredients and resources and people lined up once one stage of the process is finished? Although you have a roadmap of how your plans will flow, the universe always steps in to add flavor to your concepts that change the outcomes. There was an insertion that needed to occur to piece it together. A cycle, where unusual behavior and unanticipated events test you, is helping you be more proactive and moves you to face something to address a situation. September 13th-14th, get out of your own way to continue building the foundation. 

Libra: September feels like a spiritual pursuit more than anything else. Act now as your ancestors are in the background passing the G-code and cheat code to navigate your next move. Messages, news, and data are coming from all directions. Snap out of it and turn on the lights, as you’ve got work to do. September 8th apply that footwork and accept the assignment. It’s on you, not them, to finish.

Scorpio: What may seem impossible makes your heart rate beat faster. Stay calm as you push through, bringing forth the enhanced new life like a mother pushing out her baby from her womb. Your commitment to your plan and going with the divine plan is due to your dedication, gratitude, and elevation in your faith to see it through, knowing the do’s and don’ts of what to do to not break the energy protection field around you. September 9th-10th, the preparation of a nice slice of the pie has your name written all over it. The process is the experience that makes it feel real. 

Sagittarius: You are climbing up the mountain alone or with a few people who are building with you. September is not an easy month—like some mothers say mama ain’t raise no fool. Know you are the source, and the power of all the divine mighty energy lies within you. It’s a frequency to hop on and stay tapped into to receive. Be clear of the memberships and folks you associated yourself with and those who come bearing gifts like the Trojan horse. September 11th-12th, remember the process, experiences, tests, trials, both good and indifferent, that help build your foundation. It’s time to go full throttle, you are a living testimony of possibilities

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