Rebirth of A New Nation: There is a difference between an interest and a commitment. When you have an interest, something sparks your mind for you to go see about it. Either you like it or not. But interest doesn’t always keep your attention; if it did, you would remain committed. When you are committed, you are determined to see it all, the ugly and beautiful, through the process until the end. Finances, careers, education, relationships, be it personal or business, are taking a turn. Some things are being discarded, removed for good out of your life for you to move on. It’s time to fill your heart with joy and do what makes you happy. Rewards are solely being bestowed upon humanity in ways you never thought or saw before. Christmas in September. New and old obligations are being resolved, released to move forward in your process. Open your heart to change and receive your blessing. You’ve carried the weight of others on your back long enough. Rewards are being paid off and healing is occurring throughout many families of the world. We are the beneficiary of our ancestors. Stay in ascension mode. 

Capricorn: September is potentially a month of your projects, ideas, plans coming into the reality of manifestation of a service or product. Business opportunities, advancement, prior obligations, and things that were postponed are being addressed and resolved. This is a rebirth cycle, to come alive while implementing your knowledge within the community on a social aspect. The pressure is on. It’s up to you to persevere staying true, committed to yourself and the path you are on. By the end of September choose the best decision and direction for you plus family.  

Aquarius: Leadership and expansion is key. A cycle to create a new master plan from what you did years ago, or things put on the back burner that are now ready for use. Take the lead on new innovative ideas and write them down. A week to see growth in your social status while also assisting or being a service within your community. The 15th-17th are awesome days to push yourself to accomplish a task and make a commitment to stick to something. 

Pisces: Fame, fortune, publicity have your name written all over them for something coming true as some things end. A time to discard, release, drop any bad habit to make the best decision for the progress forward. Reorganize your schedule and include those little time-out breaks to regroup. Keep your mind clear and read through any contracts presented to you, and also seek counsel if needed. It’s best to wait before signing any new lease, contract or taking on new obligations. Wait until after Mercury retrograde. Sept. 18th-19th, a new seed is being planted. 

Aries: Circumstances are changing in your life for the betterment of your growth and mental development. Progress is being made and you can feel, sense, hear, taste, and see the efforts you put in. Although tough times and pressure are applied, what you will gain as you complete the homework assignment is worth the process. Keep pushing through and follow up as you may feel like you are walking on a tightrope. Sept. 20th-21st, change occurs when you change and decide on what you want to do. 

Taurus: Money, recognition, personal and business relationships are advancing in your life. Keep making an imprint, an impact on people’s lives, reaching out to the minds and hearts of people. The spotlight is on you. How you exploit the light is to choose where you direct the energy or crowds. We all have a role, position in this world and you are exploring yours to its fullest. Make your mark on this world. 

Gemini: Something you have to do is nudging you to make it happen no matter how you feel. It must be done. Ask and it shall be given. The universe is making sure you snap out of the funk and handle your business in a different way. Sit with yourself and talk it out to straighten out a situation. When you do the right thing, great deeds come to you. When you change your perspective, you receive clarity and are able to focus. With Mars in Gemini, the script is being rewritten. Sept. 15th-17th, make a choice. 

Cancer: Mentally your memory has been jogged and certain scenes of your life are replaying for a reason. In the memories that are on rewind, pay attention to the details and what occurred as there is a message for you. Open your eyes and get out of your feelings and out of your way to understand. Sudden diagnoses can occur, do not be in a rush, and ask for a second and even a third opinion. Financial gain, losses, and separation of a loved one or a situation are changing. Sept. 18th-19th, it’s time to move in a different direction. 

Leo: One of the most spiritual awakening quests this month has changed your perspective on life and how you live your life. Some form of realization and revelation occurs to set you on a different path and to operate in a different way. Traveling is key for the transformation to take place, whether it’s spiritual or physical. You know it’s happening because you can feel, sense it, just as a phoenix rises from its ashes. Sept. 20th-21st, let it burn away and move accordingly to your plans. 

Virgo: What was a slow process grew legs to start walking and talking on its way to you. Even when we feel there is no one there to help, there is always someone by your side. As you look around from where you started you have a whole lot of people, resources, courses, and projects you created. You connected and built an empire for you and now it’s time to level up. The things you didn’t see coming are vastly approaching you. Any semi-legal matters are resolved either before or after the Mercury retrograde phase. Partnership is a theme as well. 

Libra: When you have something to say, say it like back in the day in the old-fashioned way. Information flows through you like water running, even when there is no leak in the faucets. The skills, tools, resources are at your fingertips. How are you utilizing them to advance yourself or assist yourself in your due diligence? A major break is approaching, mentally, emotionally, spiritually; which way are you going to go? Do not run nor hide. This is the change of direction on the rise. Sept. 15th-17th, make a move. 

Scorpio: Allow bygones to be bygones as transformation occurs from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and associates. The time has come, you part your ways and make your peace as you are at the finish line. Relocating, rearranging the home, changing your appearance, tidying up unfinished business, and obligations are featured. Big mama come to collect with no strings attached. Metaphorically, your life is slowly yet surely changing. Closure is near. Sept. 18th-19th, visit a body or water, drink water and a nice long bath will help. 

Sagittarius: You love to help others and guide them to a prosperous life by educating, inspiring and motivating people. Your dreams and goals are in reach as you also fulfill many things in your life from where you started—and now look at you. You are a walking angel, a spiritual being delivering the messages to the people this particular week, or some forms of messages are being related to you. A cycle to cut your losses by now and receive your achievement for doing such a great job. Sept. 20th-21st, strike while the iron is hot. Even if it isn’t, you make it hot.

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