It seems Trump has run out of ways to attack President Biden when he claimed he would have gotten a better seat at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

First of all, it must be determined if he would have been invited. And what in the world does it matter where one sits at a funeral when a large number of world leaders were expected?

This is merely another attempt to mock and humiliate Biden, who to date has no response to something that can only be construed as another annoyance from a denier, who should be concerned about the mounting allegations of criminality.

“If I were president,” Trump wrote, “they wouldn’t have sat me back there. In Real Estate, like Politics and in Life, LOCATION IS EVERYTHING!!!”

In many respects that may be true, but we are fortunate that his seat at the funeral was not reserved, and the real state of his location would be conveniently behind bars, and way to the back in solitary confinement.

The tempestuous Trump is obviously never going to accept defeat and quietly retreat from the world stage, and to think of his presence at the Queen’s funeral is the epitome of asininities with an emphasis on the first syllables.

What he clearly doesn’t understand or understands all too well, is that he is not related to the Queen with hardly an inch of royalty and his seat would have been no better, and possibly worse.

But most Americans besides his ever loyal base are aware that this is nothing more than Trump clutching at straws, continuing his role as mischief maker, clinging to an evanescent power.

Trump, we have a seat for you and it’s right down front in a courtroom on the witness stand facing a litany of charges with our fingers crossed for your conviction and imprisonment. And that’s a location that is EVERYTHING for us!

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