Rebirth of A New Nation: Numerically speaking, last week, the 8th-14th of September, was a 9 universal week. This week, the 15th-21st, is a 1 universal week. 1 in numerology is the Alpha (Beginning); 9 is the Omega (End). The numbers 1 and 9 combine to make 19. The number 19 is honor, success, prestige, self-esteem, princess or prince of heaven. A new moon in Libra at 2 degrees will arrive on Sept. 25, as we embark on new beginnings, new alliances, new experiences, new voyages, and new ways to operate differently upon this new Libra moon. Take a stand for what you believe in and do what your heart desires. Create an alternative mastermind plan for your services, or for how products can be used differently. It’s a great time to share your knowledge and wisdom, and remember to slow down as an exuberant energy is presented. Apply your practical, mental skills and common sense—which isn’t common nowadays—to accomplish a task on your list to do. The darndest things will occur this week when you least expect. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End” Revelation 22:13. 

Capricorn: Reevaluate your priorities, as swift changes with professional and personal relationship opportunities are presented to you. It’s a cycle to study, learn and develop a master plan to exploit your services. Your mental ability is sharp and performing at its highest. Your perspective, security, belief, and experience is keeping you grounded to continue to push through barriers and excel into higher levels. September 23rd -24th, short distance travel can come up for you or someone traveling to you, as can meeting prominent people in leadership. The spotlight is on you. 

Aquarius: Setting the foundation requires a sketch, blueprint, or outline to have a clear picture of what you need. Once you have a finished blueprint and are ready to pitch it’s time to act. Diagnose your feedback and results to make any updates or improvements. Working in silence allows you to perform at your best and complete important tasks. September 25th-26th: when you complete your projects, you become aware of the direction to go to open doors for yourself. 

Pisces: What seems like a monkey wrench in your plans stopping you, that’s the universe making the necessary adjustments in your schedule. The awkwardness and unbalanced mood change is there to get you uncomfortable to get comfortable to do something different or listen to the message coming through. Continue to build and add on to your foundation of your establishment like building your resume. Sept. 27th-28th are beneficial days to see the growth within your development all by following your heart and being committed. 

Aries: A winning streak week to hit a double grand slam and a slam dunk while grandma bakes her favorite cake or pie or even makes a main dish you like. Your ancestors are rewarding you for the effort you made through your heart commitment. For those who are just starting it’s not over, yet you have time to change when you are ready and have had enough. Take the lead while accepting your royalties, rewards, recognition as the universe always rewards those who do a great deed. Sept. 22nd & 30th you are blazing hot as you are amazing and a bit overwhelmed. Remember the working bees in the background.

Taurus: When change occurs, it moves fast in the air formed like hurricanes, floods like water overpouring and lightning strikes faster than a wink of an eye yet you are in midst of it all and remain untouchable. When you are guided with the supernatural power you are heavily protected as you continue to walk the path you are on. The alpha and omega is a beautiful twist of turn that seems magical and is occurring right before your very eyes. Sept. 23rd-24th no words can express the feeling and what you are witnessing in your life. Gratitude. 

Gemini: September is about paying attention to the details, the hit and miss scenarios all making sense now. All your hard work is being paid off; even through facing the difficulties of the unknown you remain true to yourself. A woman or man of their words is a committed person who understands the importance of one character and obligation. Huge regards are on the way and things that were delayed, postponed are now in transit to you. Sept. 25th-26th be excited thatmall the hints given were pieces of the puzzle leading up to a reward. 

Cancer: September brought career change, family obligation, health concerns and investing in yourself. A yearning desire to be free and go on a new journey. Your words are powerful so say what you mean and do as you say. Contradiction may play a role; just ignore and deliver the message that’s on your heart. When you ask the universe to make a way, just play your part and it shall be. Be a helping hand this week. Sept. 27th-29th career changes and a possible relocation are on your mind. 

Leo: You know exactly what direction you are headed in as temptation rises; stay clear on what’s in your heart and mind to do. There is something to conquer this week that will impact your life personally. There are angels in the woodwork reaching out to you if you sit in silence to listen. Your dreams are foretelling as you experience the déjà vu theme. This time you are wiser and aware. Sept. 22nd & 30th, how you respond will be the outcome. You know what you know. 

Virgo: The establishment of what you built is being rewarded for sticking through the toughest times and it did not give in. It takes time for fruit to grow on trees, and trees to grow strong and tall. What you put out in the universe you will receive back. Big mama is here to claim and reward those of good deeds. You have rewards, recognition, and people you have helped are reaching out to you. The people including yourself are living proof of your work and growth. Sept. 23rd-24th, your wish is granted. 

Libra: October 2021 to September 2022 has been a spiritual warfare fright while carving out your potential and mastering your skills. Of course, you had to pitch it out to folks to gain feedback. Now you are in full throttle creating your masterpiece. You are already giving it your best shot and have a service or product to show for it with the help from others. Sept. 25th-26th self-improvement reflects the greatness within you. 

Scorpio: No more tiptoeing, it is what it is. When your heart and mind are in lockstep nothing can change the direction of your course. You are solely committed and free to live a new life on your terms. Free will at its finest. Now it’s time to put a move on it and haul your inventory to finish the job. Tina Turner stated “big wheels keep on turning, proud Mary keeps on burning and we’re rolling, rolling on the river.” Sept. 27th–29th is time to do just that. Keep it moving.

Sagittarius: The tug of war pull is necessary to push you to the top, something you are aware of and take heed to the assignment. You understand the protocol, procedures and experience needed to pick the best of the best to address certain issues. Not everyone speaks the same language and understands that being able to communicate and connect is essential. Something simple as a hand gesture can be confused and understood. The context clues and details tell a story. Sept. 22nd & 30th, what is your story?

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