Hurricane Fiona, the first major hurricane of the season, dumped more than 30 inches of rain across Puerto Rico. Residents lost power and watched as severe floods washed away a bridge in one city and inundated city streets. “We have many communities in Loíza that are underwater, with people who lost everything,” Modesta Irizarry Ortiz, a community activist in the northeastern city of Loíza, told the AmNews. “Right now I am with the workers from Taller Salud. We’re requesting donations because they opened the soup kitchen and are taking donations for I think six neighborhoods.

“Me, as a community leader, I am in my local area in my neighborhood, serving older adults. Here we need adult diapers, wipes, basic necessities, and canned foods. I have a colleague who has a small food supply station that is coming today from the affected communities. We need towels, sheets, things like that for people who have lost everything. And water—we are on the fourth day without water. The lights came on for a little bit late last night but there is still no water.”

Donations can be sent to: Modesta Irizarry, Urb Jardines de Loiza, C-20 Calle 3, Loíza, Puerto Rico 00772, or to Taller Salud, PO Box 524, Loíza, Puerto Rico 00772. Tel. 787.876.3440 or 787.256.7568. Email:

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