Rebirth of A New Nation: Mercury stations direct on Oct. 2 at 24-degree Virgo. Mercury retrograde is a time to learn, investigate, study, teach, participate in meditation, take a course, reevaluate your agenda, revise to recreate a new program, products, etc. Opportunities present themselves to you, and those who applied for a job, and pitch their agenda, will receive feedback or another suitable professional opening. In October humanity is entering the unknown: think of it as the unknown similar to you moving to a different state, country, community, or city that’s unfamiliar to you and you are a new student. Faith and competence in what you know are required. Revelation in October through dreams, natural earth cycles, divine encounters with people, sudden departures; something magical is in the air. The soul meets its physical counterpart through streams of channeling, be it telepathically, mediumship, or clairaudience; some may speak to you or catch you off guard. A beautiful moment to witness what’s occurring right before your very eyes. What is meant for you to hear and see is meant for you to hear and see. “You can’t have a physical transformation until you have a spiritual transformation.” Cory Booker 

Capricorn: A doozy kind of week when you put in the work to make it happen all month. Keep steady progress this month even through the rough pain, scuffles, challenges, or obstacles, and continue with your plan. Rewards show up when you do. You are building a legacy. You made a decision last October; this September is your progress’s results and rewards. October may seem like a monkey wrench thrown in, but your plan is another assignment to receive rewards and results upon finishing. Your journey is proof of building blocks to a higher level. October 2-3, you see the value in what you have accomplished thus far. 

Aquarius: You learned a valuable lesson and achieved many things to evolve yourself. What is your perspective, what did you gain to create a new service or product, and most importantly, how did it affect you? Did it turn a light switch on in your brain? The self-talk that includes the five Ws of what, where, when, why, and who is pulling you in a direction to see the hidden gems and clues. These are the unanticipated messages that give you meaning to the five Ws. Listen carefully and see it with your own eyes. October 4-5 includes travel obligations, quick errands, information channeling in from all directions, making a decision, and listening to your inner guide to hear the messages for you or be the messenger to somebody. 

Pisces: New seeds are planted in the garden of your brain. New concepts and ideas are flourishing in your mind. Grab your pen, paper and pocket notebook to write it down. What are the resources needed to develop your vision? Start with what you have in your possession and do your research. During this weekly cycle, the people in your environment will play an important role in gaining insight into your endeavors.

Aries: An epiphany about something, someone, a circumstance, and a change within your perspective. The people in the background behind the scenes are working and planning on your behalf. This weekly cycle is the end, completion, and beginning of something occurring in your life. You know what you need to improve yourself to produce results. Roll up your sleeves to get involved investing your time, energy, and sweat in the game. September 30-October 1 you are over the hump, now what’s your ambition, agenda, or elevation. Start the next phase of the blueprint.

Taurus: A plan is written down and put in place. Prepare to do the legwork to make the necessary connection as part of the blueprint. Your foundation is key. It’s the origin of your WHY and passion that has wheels to drive to arrive at your destination. After the commitment, consistency is key for your flowers to blossom. Plan ahead, be prepared, and remember if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready when the unanticipated occurs. October 2-3 suddenly, the light switches on in your brain. Listen carefully and pay attention. 

Gemini: Everything is working in divine order. Wait, take a deeper look at or into something to make sure you understand what you read or agreed to. Ask when you don’t know and don’t assume anything, instead find out and follow your intuition. Check in with your emotions, clear your thoughts, and take a deep breath and release. Remember it’s all a process and through the experience is how you advance adding value to yourself. October 4-6 decision, change, and navigating through learning new skills for self-development is a bonus. October is enjoyable. Stay on duty. 

Cancer: An emotional breakthrough happens as you release and are excited about your accomplishments. You are off to a new start and a physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, upgraded version of self. During this upgrade, shedding is part of the transformation which allows things to occur organically without any force or manipulation. The power of your mind is the drive you need to implement, strategies from the past 8 years to manifest your reality. Take it to a higher level and rise tune into the vibration of that frequency. September 29 and October 6, you will know it’s right when it feels right. 

Leo: When the traffic jam clears it’s a go and during the traffic jam there is always another route to take with awareness. Understand the principle of the assignment this year and the wholeness you received from them once completed. As you proceed with this weekly cycle, reflect on what you learn and the experiences you encounter on your journey. September 30-October 1: to reach peace, joy, and happiness is the willpower to fight, be practical, educated, consistent, and disengage the mindless distraction. Through perseverance, you gain incentives, compensation, rewards, etc. Keep pushing. 

Virgo: There are patterns, sequences, sections, boundaries, and restrictions when you are navigating through life. From a bird’s eye view, you receive a different perspective on life to put things into practical use. You see everything is a puzzle within this vortex. A pull here, a tug here, and a bit of deja vu is happening. There is a major theme, plot, setting, and characters of the story playing out and you are the narrator taking steps into the unknown. October 2-3 things may seem awkward only to discover something new to explore. Divine intervention at its finest like finding hidden gems, gold, etc. 

Libra: The wind blows differently in the Libra season and rubs against your neck briskly. Think of ancient items, old-fashioned cars, jewelry, houses, and buildings: they are built differently down to the material, layout, and design. The original can’t be copied, only duplicated. You have that same originality within you to develop and design in your artistic way. October 4-5 roll up your sleeves and take a stand, October is preparation granny and big momma style. Back to the roots, drawing board with updates. 

Scorpio: Health, structure, organizing, planning, and tidying up the home is on the to-do list. Although rest is an excellent source to reboot and regenerate the mind, body, and soul to regain focus, exercising helps fight out infections and boost your energy level. Create a workout schedule, something fun, ask a partner to join you, or put on a 5-minute workout video on TV. A revelation, dream of some kind is making you aware of something forthcoming. September 27 & October 6, what is your specialty? Get ready for the download and transformation this year.

Sagittarius: October sets the tone for adventure in new directions and connecting from all walks of life. Meeting noble leaders, prominent people, and gurus and most importantly investing in your self-development shaping your skillset. Creating life-changing relationships through the information you share, be it in a book, a course, a meeting, or having a discussion, etc. Your words are effective. Utilize what you have in your possession to create another meal, book, product, etc. September 30 & October 1 brand new is brand new; it hasn’t even hit the market yet due to the private buyers who want first dibs.

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