Nigerian Independence Day attendees enjoy the 62nd annual parade Credit: Bill Moore photo

Politics, upcoming elections, and issues “back home” are never far from any Nigerian conversation, but on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, cultural pride took centerstage during the 62nd Nigeria Independence Day parade in New York City. 

Commemorating the 62nd year since blatant direct British rule ‘ended,’ it was co-hosted by the Organization for the Advancement of Nigerians, and emceed as always by the uber-enthusiastic Sumonu Bello-Osagie. The Organization for the Advancement of Nigerians has for over 30 years striven to enhance the image and reality of Nigerians at home and abroad. With political, religious, economic and activist groups they have worked with city government, and hundreds of groups and individuals to promote viable international working relationships.

Mayor Eric Adams came through to pay his respects to the massive event, which had hundreds of people who traveled from across the Atlantic and the five boroughs, following floats and banners down Second Avenue.

International artist Goya Manor and AmNews Editor Nayaba Arinde Credit: Bill Moore photo
Young musicians inspire the crowds Credit: Bill Moore photo

On stage were speakers who acknowledged the day, young dancers, musicians, all manner of entertainers including the internationally renowned Goya ‘You Want to BamBam’ Menor and the powerful singer Timi ‘Everything’ Dakalo.

Awards were given to parade organizers while the DJs kept the youth bouncing!

Always pushing to encourage Nigerian American youth involvement in the progression of the nation, and building stronger economic, social and cultural ties, the parade which first began in 1991 embraces the community across the nation and diaspora.

The Nigeria Independence Day Committee participating member organizations include: the Rev. Famubode, the Association of Nigerian Physicians in America, Organization for the Advancement of Nigeria Inc., Alhaji Ahmed Opetubo, Nigerian Nurses Association of USA, and Under Da Rock Entertainment. Attendees included Ambassador Lot Egopija, Florence Egopija, the Rev. Dr. Prince A.Z.K. Adekoya, DaddyRich Iyasere, magazine publisher Tosin Mustapha, Vsme Solomon Adelaja, and Don Cos Canino.

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