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A second shooting within one week off of Central Harlem’s “main street” left two people, including a retired NYPD detective, injured this past Tuesday morning. The incident occured on the northeast corner of 125th and Lenox Avenue, and both victims are in stable condition. 

“It is heartbreaking to hear about yet another act of senseless violence,” said local councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan. “We need to invest in anti-poverty initiatives, violence prevention, mental health, and education like with our office’s recent summer of hope events. We owe it to those lives lost to prevent future violence. On a government level we continue to fail to put the resources in the right places. We have to do more!”

One of the shooting victims was identified as an ex-police detective through a union statement. 

“The morning time shooting of our retired member on the streets of Harlem is more proof of the continued crime crisis in the city—and yet another case overworked NYPD detectives will investigate,” said Detectives’ Endowment Association Pres. Paul DiGiacomo. “On his way to work like hundreds of others in his neighborhood, he’s fortunate to be alive.”

First reported by ABC News, the 60-year-old victim is now working as a consultant to the NYC Administration for Children’s Services. ACS did not confirm his law enforcement past, but said an investigative consultant was indeed the victim of a shooting.

“This morning, one of ACS’s dedicated staff members was shot on his way to work,” said Commissioner Jess Dannhauser. “We thank the first responders and hospital staff caring for our colleague. On behalf of all the staff of ACS—who do vital work for NYC’s children and families—we are wishing him a very speedy recovery.”

At the time of publishing, no arrests were made. On Tuesday night, a heavy NYPD presence patrolled outside the intersection of the shooting, with several officers posted outside of large retail chains like Victoria’s Secret. 

But most businesses remained open. Restaurant Red Rooster, a few storefronts north of the shooting, was serving customers. Staff said the famed eatery is not talking to the media for the time being. A block away on 7th Avenue, Eric Presley, owner of Sea to Soul Harlem, says business is significantly slower as of late, although he’s not sure if it’s the shootings, weather, location or another, unknown factor. But he’s overheard frequent chatter by local customers reluctant to dine out due to safety concerns. 

Another business owner, who wished to be unnamed, said crime is up around the area over the past two years, although mostly with shoplifting.

Last Tuesday, Sept. 27, another shooting on 125th Street between 6th and 7th avenues left another two New Yorkers injured, including a street vendor who was inadvertently hit, reported CBS2’s Dave Carlin. The incident occured in broad daylight only steps away from both the state office building and the Apollo Theater.

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