Assemblyman Charles Barron (183411)
Assemblyman Charles Barron

We, listed below, adamantly oppose Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed relocation of asylum-seekers at the facility located at 501 New Lots Avenue in East New York, Brooklyn.

We oppose this for the following reasons:

  1. You recently declared a state of emergency in New York City, regarding the influx of asylum-seekers. However, East New York was already in a state of emergency regarding the oversaturation of homeless shelters in our district. This oversaturation is a violation of the fair-share act. Your proposal to use 501 New Lots Ave will only exacerbate an already existing out of control situation regarding housing the homeless.
  2. The proposed site at 501 New Lots Avenue is one block away from an already existing shelter used to house homeless women, and two blocks away from a childcare center and a school. Presently, we are having major challenges and suffering serious consequences in that area. We already have a functioning task force of community leaders, city agencies, faith-based institutions, and community organizations to address this community crisis.
  3. We say, that as mayor, you should not violate the fair share act in communities that are already over- saturated. You should not force this on our community. We call on you to follow the law and house the asylum seekers in those communities that are not over-saturated and have not historically shouldered their fair share of providing temporary shelter.

We understand the tremendous burden and pressure put on you by elected officials from other states, who spitefully made their politically charged decision to send asylum seekers to New York and other locations. However, Mayor, there are 9 districts in this city without any shelters and 2 districts with the most continue to receive shelters.

We want to go on record and say that we whole-heartedly support temporary housing of asylum-seekers as a solution to the state of emergency, however, the inequity in this plan will only worsen our situation.

Mr. Mayor, we urge you to cease and desist moving forward with this plan. Thank you. Charles Barron, NYC Council Member 42nd District

Sandy Nurse, NYC Council Member 37th District

Alice Lowman Acting Chairperson, Community Board 5 Melinda Perkins, District Manager, Community Board 5
Paul Muhammad, Co-Chair of the Land Use Committee of CB5 Pastor Anthony Graham, New Hope Family Worship Center Joyce Scott-Brayboy, Emerald Green Tenant Association

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