Rebirth of A New Nation: What’s on your mind? What is your heart directing you to do? What signs are your body signaling to you to pay attention to or consume? What thoughts are on your mind as there are answers to the questions you seek? The best way is to listen carefully and follow hints and context clues, as the darndest things and revelations come out of the blue. It was meant for you to see it at that appointed time or place. Pluto and Mercury are stationed direct and Saturn in Aquarius at 18 degrees is soon to station direct on October 23 for the final lesson, assignment, repositions, upgrades, and reconstruction within society and humanity. Mars is soon to retrograde on October 30 at 25 degrees Gemini, a day before Halloween. Your willpower is slowed down a bit; you may experience mental fog, similar to a low cloud, waiting to clear away for a great time to rethink, modify, and switch the pace up. Don’t be so quick to jump the gun, and ask for more details, facts, and figures. Being spontaneous is cool to a certain degree, until you notice you receive the short end of the stick. Even during those experiences, there is always a lesson learned and new experiences. If it’s not conducive it is not going to work or operate smoothly. While Mars is in Gemini exercise your mental, spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical aspects in life. Do what works for you. “Your heart knows things your mind can’t explain.” Unknown 

Capricorn: When you apply skin, sweat, time, effort, and pain in the game, rewards show up slowly yet surely. People in the background are doing their part as your ancestors are in positions to pass the baton. Your love is continuous from the inside out with grace and charm that spark your ambitions to elevate you higher. No matter what people say or do, some are confrontational so allow those frequencies to blow with the wind. You have no time for it. Balance your heart and emotions. A monthly cycle of appreciation for others and vice versa. 

Aquarius: The decisions you are making this week are insights into the gifts you possess inside. Information and messages are channeling in from all sorts of different directions with the 411. Research the information, as the expression, “I heard it through the grapevine” is circulating. Double-check the source. October 13-14, you are in the spotlight, and career opportunities, tools and resources are available to you. 

Pisces: You are on a mission to provide a service to the community to enjoy life from a different perspective. There are times when you plan, and your plans have detours along the way. Think of detours as an adjustment in your schedule to correct or learn something new. This is a phase of your foundation extended into a higher version of you. When you elevate in life it’s part of your growth that reflects on the outside and the way you operate. October 17-25, start from somewhere.  

Aries: Traveling to a new location is like tasting different food that has a soulful texture and flavor. Travel experiences are breathtaking—learning how people live, communicate, and operate on a daily basis. Life is a never-ending story of people’s history and educating oneself is important to extend yourself and collaborate with folks around the world. Step into new territory within your artistic flare and add it to your work collection. October 18-19, do what makes you happy. 

Taurus: Your vision is becoming more profound as the pieces of the puzzle begin to paint the picture. Imagination allows the vision to be seen and in the physical world, it becomes real. Not when you’re ready; it will be at an appointed time. The skills you have obtained are an addition to your foundation to deliver your products, services, or messages globally. Some form of initiation, information, or spiritualist teacher can play a role in your life during this weekly cycle.  What’s the motivation that feeds your soul?

Gemini: This week can feel like an emotional rollercoaster as you can feel something is about to happen. You are steady and consistent in building an empire. Although things may be slow you have gifts on the way.  You will see an increase in your finances and career opportunities present themselves to you. Remove any expectations, it’s simpler to change your perspective. October 13-14, reach for the stars and beyond. 

Cancer: Relocating and reorganizing your home, drawers, and file cabinets is featured, as is a change in the workplace, be it a raise, new schedule, new locations, also separation in your relationships. Paying attention to details is a must to understand your circumstances. It’s the universe’s way of communicating with you. A cycle that includes exercise workouts, meditation, and quality rest for your mental sustainability. 

Leo: It’s time for a new direction, new terms and conditions, repositioning your staff, and taking note of detailed information to paint the story. In October the pressure is on for the fulfillment of your obligations to activate your blueprint. As long as you apply yourself you will see results towards the end of the month. End any repetitive behaviors, patterns, or habits that no longer serve a purpose or feed your spirit. October 18-19 is a time to plan for an event or workshops; also schedule time to concentrate on your prior obligations. 

Virgo: Imagination is key for the fulfillment of a goal, dream, or task. You have a radiant aura that is attractive, charming, and glowing like a pregnant woman. A cycle of gifts, favors, appreciation, and being compensated for your dedicated work. Mentally you are receiving flashes of insight and downloads to understand the full picture of your dreams and forthcoming plans. A time to elevate yourself and reposition yourself within your work profession. It’s time to have a seat with the board of directors planning for the future. 

Libra: Your profession is taking quite a dramatic turn with a window of opportunities knocking on your door. You have angels in the woodwork working for you in the background preparing your assignments. Work can be overloading, exhausting and fun at the same time as you get to the end of the assignment. This weekly cycle is slowed down for a reason to exercise your sixth sense to have faith in your progress moving forward. October 13-14, the decision is up to you. 

Scorpio: Partnerships, publications, travels, study, research, and legal entanglement are a few themes occurring this month. It’s time for a new direction connecting with like-minded individuals with the same vibrations. Being affiliated or a member of a club, association, or group opens doors that allow access to certain knowledge, connections, and support systems. October 15-17, choose the route that’s in your best interest. 

Sagittarius: You are off to a new start and if you need something, ask. Ask and you shall receive. You must apply footwork along the way. It’s a two-way street with stop signs. Now that you ask, information is overflowing with the supply you need. A week to sell services and products, or assist within your neighborhood and immediate family members. As you progress forward through life take pictures and videos of your journey as a legacy or keepsake. October 18-19, do your best and follow your heart.

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