The first solar new moon in Scorpio at 2 degrees is on October 25. Venus, Sun, and Moon are all stationed at 2 degrees in conjunction. One of the number two aspects is that two is the number of unions between a male and female being equally yoked. “It takes two,” “it takes two to tango,” and “it takes two to make a thing go right, it takes two to make it outta sight.” Numerically speaking, October is a 7 universal month and the week of the new moon is a 2 universal week. The new moon is on October 25 (2+5=7) and Venus, Sun, and Moon are stationed at 2 degrees. This is a remarkable intense sensitive psychic awakening rising from the dead like Kanye said in his song “Praise GOD,” “We gon praise our way out the grave, dawg living, speaking, praise god walking out the graveyard back to life, I serve, follow your worth, see with new sight, into the night, let’s get right.” This is an awakening experience from the depth of your soul for restoration. Claim it, Own It, Be it, Walk it Like You Talk it. Define time is upon us to rise to the occasion. Economics must be restored to its rightful owners. 

Capricorn: Organization and balance are key. Keeping your commitment to self and others. October is the sneak peek of the upcoming 2023 year. This is a phenomenal time to enroll in continuing education courses, programs, community outreach, teaching, and volunteering your services. Themes such as relocating, change in your appearance, family obligation, and relationships be it business or personal are all evolving for your growth. Keep a pocket planner for upcoming appointments and events, to keep abreast of your schedule. A cycle of love, romance, appreciation, compensation, rewards, unexpected gifts, and doing your due diligence. October 20-21, schedule time for self-love and self-maintenance. 

Aquarius: An astounding weekly supportive cycle for all aspects of your life to blossom in the departments of relationships, business, home, family, and finance. Traveling, changing the ambiance in your home or workplace. It’s time to make way for improvement and advancement to think big expanding your craft to the next level. Remember the foundation of why you begin the journey and start adding different flavors to your products or services. October 22-24, credit is given when credit is due. Recognition, rewards, appreciation, and new relationships began out of the blue, also meeting folks and colleagues you haven’t seen in a while.  

Pisces: New beginnings are a pivotal point in your life including your lifestyles, business relationships, and new terms and conditions. Begin this October with the concepts of new changes and new directions with a new attitude to draw to you the resources needed. Breakups and transformation are not always easy; it’s a time to take the lead in your affairs. Grab a pen and paper to begin planning the next chapter of your life. October 25-26, review or seek counsel before signing legal documents, also a time to sharpen your skills. 

Aries: Divine intervention where spiritual and physical meet for a special purpose. The unanticipated wild card occurs to make adjustments in your schedule or double-take to put you on notice. Things get uncomfortable only for you to get comfortable developing and working on the things you love. Listen to your heart and emotions and the direction they are pulling you to evaluate yourself. The details, signs, symbols are all there for you to gain insights and fully understand the lesson when you have the ah-ha moments. Awareness and déjà vu at their finest are orchestrated by the divine creator. Tap in.

Taurus: Do you have a passion? Your passions can open avenues and doors to opportunities. What’s your vision and mission for your passions? What is your “why” to the reasons of what you want to do? What is your purpose? Why are you here? There may be some questions on your mind until the vision comes through, or a conversation helps you to understand yourself more. When the vision comes, work on it. This week, new ideas are awakened; partnerships are formed, or a meeting of self. Visit a nearby body of water, or listen to the water and reflect on your next goals.

Gemini: In the song “it’s written all over your face,” there is no need to say it. Follow what you love to do as a spiritual and physical alignment of revelations occurs to progress you forward. Sudden changes within your environment are a big focus to shift your plans and possible relocation. A cycle to assist a family member, friend, business partner, and folks asking if you can lend, or support them monetarily. Overall, a month for self-development and self-reflection to better yourself in life, aiming toward your goals and navigating through life changes. October 22-24, allow your heart and passion to guide you. 

Cancer: Emotionally check in on yourself and your health as you are receiving signs regarding that matter. A cycle to explore your creativity to create your dream vision/goal. There is no easy way to get what you want without applying the footwork to reap the rewards. Release, remove, and discard things that do not serve a purpose to your soul for self-growth as you work toward your goal. Temporary things are changing for you to manifest the resources you need to progress forward in life. October 25-26, level up and get comfortable doing things differently.  

Leo: A groundbreaking monthly cycle in financial blessings in business, investments, partnerships, and one-on-one relationships flourishing. Obtain the innovation spark within you to complete tasks such as planning, gathering resources, investing, building on the building blocks for your growth on your journey. The new birth of a sudden development, assignments, and introducing yourself into new alliances. Set the tone and put people on notice that you mean business.   

Virgo: Evolution is upon you with your due diligence in business and personal affairs. Growth is the theme for October and next year. Scale and position yourself in the mindset of where you are heading, and command, and the rest will flow. Listen to your spiritual guides directing you. Emphasis on partnerships and networking widens your services, and products, sharpening your skills, and mental environment to educate yourself. Mental and spiritual, a decision is upon you to make a move. October 20-21, what’s it going to be? It’s up to you to make the change. 

Libra: When you do a great deed for self first, then others, the universe conspires in your favor. Now it’s time to build on what you established this year moving forward. You have the resources, people, and agenda for advancement. Please remember not to abuse the power as karma will come back to bite you like a bow arrow aiming for the target. October 22-23, repentance is in effect for the betterment of self-evolvement. Let it go.

Scorpio: A spiritual attack happens in the flesh and on a soul level. The question becomes how you are attached to the things that are not keeping you vital online or your immune system up to code. When a ship sails it’s on a mission to its destination and there’s no time for wishing should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, you’ve got to do something about it to stop the bleeding. During this cycle, you realize you have been sitting on a goldmine. October 25, it’s your time like the phoenix rising from its ashes. Get to stepping.

Sagittarius: You sense the new, exciting excursion just around the corner, riverbend, or upon arriving that gives you goosebumps. Yes, it’s divine timing to make it happen as you are already in process mode. No need to talk, it’s time to demonstrate. You completed the cycle of talking. It is show me the money time like in the movie “It’s all about the Benjamins” and yes, I want to get paid in full like the movie title. You write it, you name it, you claim it, you be it, you live it, you see it until you own it. Bring it into existence.

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