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The legendary hip hop/soul group, The Force MDs, were recently honored with a street co-naming in their native Staten Island. Over a thousand people attended the unveiling ceremony at the intersection of Grandview and Brabant Street at Mariners Harbor on Saturday, Aug. 27, ranging from relatives, childhood friends, fans, musical associates, and the like. The Audio Two, Nice & Smooth, and VJ Ralph McDaniels attended.

Initially known as “The LDs” (The Lundys and Daniels), then the Force MCs in 1981, they grew up in Staten Island’s Mariners Harbor housing projects, consisting of brothers Antoine “T.C.D.” Lundy, Khalil Lundy, and Stevie D. Lundy, plus their uncle, Jessie D (Jessie Lee Daniels); and childhood friends Charles “Mercury” Nelson, DJ Dr. Rock, and “Trisco” Pearson. They were discovered by hip hop radio pioneer, Mr. Magic, while singing on the Staten Island Ferry, then were soon signed to Tommy Boy Records.

In exclusive interviews with the AmNews, surviving members expressed their content: “One of the things that inspired me to get the street co-naming is to secure my family’s legacy because if you don’t tell your story, somebody else is going to do it for you,” Khalil explained. “The members we lost know we’re gonna make sure their contributions to the hip hop/R&B culture never go in vain.”

He also noted that several politicians supported the campaign and attended the unveiling ceremony, namely Councilwoman Kamillah Hanks, Congresswoman Nicole Maliatakis, NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, State Sen. Diane Savino, and State Assemblyman Charles Fall. He also noted that many were upset that Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella did not attend.

Khalil’s brother, Stevie D added: “The street co-naming was so overwhelming, not just to us, but to a lot of people in Staten Island. I’m just happy that it finally happened. It’s great for us to have a landmark in our hometown. I felt we did put the work in for it to happen.”

Adding that they’re confident in “knowing that the members that passed—T.C.D, Mercury, Trisco, and Jessie—are looking down and enjoying this accomplishment.”

Throughout the 1980s and ’90s they created many classic quiet storm baby-making tunes; namely “Love Is a House,” “Tears,” and “Tender Love.”

Their younger cousin, Jessie Jr., whose father transitioned to the ancestors this past January, said it was a great occasion which helps their family’s name continue living for future generations.

“It was a phenomenal move that helped secure the legacy of the group,” he stated.

Their nephew and youngest member of the group, Zieme Capers, also paid homage.

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  1. Congratulations to my old neighbors! From the Patton Family -331 Grandview Ave. Apt 2B.

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