If you play word association games, the words crime and guilt go together. Indictment and charges go together too. Additionally, procrastination and delay are words used when people want to put off bad news.

If you are bogged down in the criminal justice system, these words have meaning. The former president is drowning in a sea of criminal allegations, and he knows these words quite well. Over time, this mischievous pattern of behavior has been his calling card.

He won the White House because America was blindfolded and didn’t see him for what he was.

Trouble found him before, and it continues to track him relentlessly. It appears with each passing day, there is a new allegation against him. If you are a supporter of his and an unpaid minion of the former president, then brace yourself for more chaos.

I have found it suspicious as to why people continue to support him. The question at the probation desk is why do people support him given his track record? Wake up! This man is borderline on many fronts.

The January 6th Committee met last week and dropped this news on America. The Committee voted 9-0 to subpoena him. If you didn’t watch it, hit the rewind button because it’s a history lesson.

Representative Liz Cheney, R-WYO said, “We are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion and every American is entitled to those answers so we can act now to protect our republic.”

The former president in a written 14-page response has called the subpoena a witch hunt. Is Mr. Trump suggesting that he should not be subjected to traditional rules and regulations? Taking classified documents to your house is not illegal? Now Mr. Trump’s lawyers are scrambling to put together a plausible defense. I think for his lawyers that it’s like the nightmare on Elm Street. Do his attorneys believe he can beat these allegations?

Their public answer is yes, and their behind closed doors answer is no. That is what I think.

The House Select Committee met for the ninth time, and this could be their final meeting. New footage and new testimony made the January 6th attack on the Capitol look darker and more destructive.

The mid-term elections in my opinion will loom large if the truth is to take its rightful place.

I suspect if the Democrats keep the House, the January 6th Committee will continue its work. If not, the evidence they have gathered and the long hours of researching the facts will simply go away. Memories will become shorter, and evidence will disappear.

The former president wanted the Supreme Court to intervene in the classified documents fiasco. They rejected his plea, so he is left without them being a safeguard.

Bradley P. Moss, a lawyer specializing in national security issues said, “Mr. Trump just lost his last shot at keeping the classified documents away from the government. And he will never see them again unless he is indicted and maybe then, maybe not.”

As the days of fall come upon us, it may also signal the fall of Donald Trump. Like a multiple-choice test, he kept choosing the wrong answer. Had the former president chosen truth and honesty, he would not be in this tumultuous state. He, along with his followers, sidestepped right and tried to justify wrong. To borrow a widely used phrase, that is not the American way.

So now as the end is approaching, he is grasping for air. Mr. Trump is beyond embarrassment as he is trying to hold on to whoever and to whatever. 

Run, run, run but you sure can’t hide. Maybe Mr. Trump should listen to these Temptations lyrics?

There could be a message in there for him.
​​James B. Ewers Jr. Ed.D., is a youth advocate, consultant, author and president emeritus of the Teen Mentoring Committee (TMC) of Ohio.

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  1. What an idiot. They have to both issue the subpoena, and serve the subpoena in a timely manner on President Trump. They have not done so. It is President Trump, not Mr. Trump. Did you read any of the 14 pages? I doubt it. Best that you leave legal matters to those admitted to practice law.

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