Rebirth of A New Nation: Life, death, rebirth is upon humanity to surrender to things that don’t feed your soul. No more substitutes. The real thing is in demand, and the truth about things. A New Moon is in Scorpio at 2 degrees; Scorpio rules the 8th house in astrology. A time to travel deeper within to recondition and renew yourself to claim your birthright’s inheritance and demand what you need. Your ancestors are there to guide you on the journey, and sleeping, breathing meditations, and eating food from the earth can be ways to contact the spiritual world. Whatever your preference is for how you communicate with the spiritual world is vital during this scorpion phase. Out with the old and in with new as generations heal and evolve life, like fine wine from 1776. Evolution is taking place, and Mother Earth has a new hidden treasure being discovered to benefit humanity—in your state, city, country one by one and time by time to see results and hidden gems pop up. “Spiritual evolution is part of every soul’s destiny on Earth, and each soul evolves at a different rate. You are right where you need to be.” James Van Praagh

Capricorn: Your life is taking a new direction, one you have to swim to the depths within to seek the answers to your questions. This cycle is time to come out of hiding to share information with others. Plan a social event, gathering, or roundtable discussion with a goal in mind leading to results. Start the new thing you envision. The vision is given to rise to the occasion. Travel, study, gaining insights of truths and understanding people are in the background making plans for you. October 29th-30th,  you have angels calling out to you and working with you.

Aquarius: Short distance travel is indicated, perhaps a stay for 3-5 days for business and personal affairs. It’s a cycle for self-development, branding yourself, and polishing up areas that need work. Having a plan in place is necessary as the unexpected detours may pop up. In the midst of your daily program deep inside there is a need for commitment to self to follow your heart to flourish in your plans or projects. October 31st, your heart is set on a direction and a decision needs to be made. Be mindful of your environment and your approach to people, not everyone is your kind of people or your friend. 

Pisces: This year by far is a transformational year and to allow bygones to be bygones as you elevate into new heights. Being true to who you really are is key. The superficial is not going to get you by in life. Set your heart on a new schedule, regime, and work on that into you see results as new ideas of ways of operating will come to you. Listen to your emotions and control your anger to get your mind right for clarity while focusing on your agenda. October 25th-26th schedule time for solitude, calmness for your own reflection of your life and your next plans. 

Aries: A double dose of pressure is applied. No need to complain, it’s the divine creator passing out homework after the given lecture. Balance, organizations, cutting any loose ends and investing in self is vital for growth. Explore new ways to navigate to accomplish what you set your heart on. A separation of something is due for clarity; it’s part of your purpose and mission this cycle. As the new beginning starts, old ones usher in the new you. The caterpillar transformed into a butterfly. October 27th-28th something major is on the way; you can sense it and feel it. Keep working on your goal. Make the effort. 

Taurus: Far distance travel for personal and business are on the horizon. Building new connections and partnerships to branch off in many avenues for the expansion of your business. You know exactly what to say, what you want and bring the vision of the appearance to reality. By the end of the month new insights and opportunities require your attention once you are ready to take off the glues and get to business. October 29th-30th is all in divine timing by being at the right place at the right time. 

Gemini: Building a new home by yourself is great. It’s better when you have a team to assist you performing a task to get it started. Dedication comes in handy to complete or promises made to self and others you will do. Spontaneous travel occurs abruptly and a cycle to stand on your own two feet no matter what occurs. People will want to pull you in their agenda and plans; however, you’ve got your own plans to stick to. October 31st, you are building from what you initiated in August. 

Cancer: A whole new attitude, directions, beginning, appliance, home are crystalizing with a fresh new start. A cycle to listen to your intuition and motherly advice once given to you from your mother, or sister, daughter, aunt, and niece. Your life is changing, and you feel it. Strike out on your own to be different. Become the first out of your family or immediate environment making a difference and strong stand for what you believe you can do. You have the vision, now it’s time to apply the building blocks. October 25th-26th, a brand new you of maturity is happening.  

Leo: When the spiritual being meets the true reflection of self, not just in the mirror, it will be a spiritual meeting and you will know it. It will feel similar to meeting your true love or life-term partner. Tears of joy occur as you reflect back on all the work, time you invested and self-awareness during the process. This week your world is expanding and transferring into a new level, making your mark and imprint on the globe. You deserve it, so claim it, be it, see it, and keep on dreaming manifesting into a reality. 

Virgo: Gathering information and details on how to use the knowledge is your gift. You articulate and comprehend well assisting people in changing their perspective to better themselves. It’s all in the mind—you command your mind to produce a way to fulfill your request. You are working on new establishments, programs, products to elevate you in your due diligence. October 29th-30th, mother earth energy presence is felt, and you can sense and feel it. 

Libra: It’s time to spread the word and see how far your words go, be it your service, products, or assisting you to bring to the table. This week, what are you committed to personally, to self, work, family, to balance the scale in your affairs?  A deeper insight into your plans, blueprints, ways to invest are showing you signs and symbols. A busy month to run errands, be a helping hand, travel to short distances and incorporate flexibility into your schedule. October 31st, a higher calling is at your beck and call, make the decision or stay where you are. 

Scorpio: Life and death has an entry and exit date. What you do with the duration of your life is up to you. Live in your purpose, do what’s conducive to you and follow your passion that will drive you to new sites, cities, states, mountains, and countries. A metamorphosis week that stops you in your tracks. You are embarking upon a new cycle taking place in a slow-motion effect like the planet Pluto, a slow burner. October 25th-26th, during the new Moon in Scorpio all eyes on you as you shake away things, places, people that no longer serve your soul into a well-seasoned you. 

Sagittarius: You name it, you got it, and heard about it. A week to give it your best shot and command or ask for the things you need or want to wheel it into existence. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can equip people with the information you know to help themselves. A cycle in which people will ask can you lend me, spare me, borrow, also making self-improvement to be more than well seasoned. A moment to ask yourself the five W’s as to what your next moves are and who you are bringing abroad. October 27th-28th, when you are in alignment patience is at its finest and you understand the cycles and assignment better.

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