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Felicia Persaud

A survey of 1,005 U.S. Hispanic/Latino adults conducted from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, 2022, for the Axios-Ipsos Latino Poll in partnership with Noticias Telemundo has found that a significant portion of U.S. Latinos say neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party represent or care about them.

Some 33% said Democrats care about Latinos, compared to 11% who said the same about Republicans. This comes amid the fact that the GOP is spending most of their campaign ads preaching xenophobia—the great replacement theory coupled with false claims that immigrants are to be blamed for crimes nationally. The truth is that the national homicide rate in 2021 wasn’t as high as it was in the early 1990s, but 2021’s figure is the highest in nearly a whopping 25 years.

While political pundits claim Latinos are the swing voters in the all-important elections of Nov. 8, Latino voters, though not monolithic, must face a reality that many are not—that a vote for the GOP is a vote for violence and xenophobia. 

Republican candidates and their conservative-party base have not actually given up their extremist views on cultural or “values” issues, as a new survey from Pew Research Center makes clear. Some 64% say that “if America is too open to people from around the world, we risk losing our identity as a nation.” That’s classic xenophobia. 

Regardless of how annoyed many immigrants are that the Biden administration has not moved the ball forward on immigration reform, the reality is that the administration and Democrats are still a far better choice than the Republican MAGA party of Donald Trump.

That is the choice come Nov. 8. As an independent immigrant voter, I, like many Latinos who responded to this poll, share feelings of frustration, given the fact that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made major vows to push immigration reform and actually only won the White House on the back of native born Black and Caribbean immigrant voters. Yet little has been done on immigration reform. 

Over the past two years, I have wrestled with the option of not voting again, since I felt my vote as a Caribbean immigrant is unappreciated, unnoticed and dismissed, or taken for granted.

However, as Trumpeto and his maggots have staged a strong unapologetic comeback, despite the obvious insurrection of Jan. 6, I have determined that I must vote in this election to keep the left agenda moving forward.

There is no other option as a no vote is a vote for xenophobia, bigotry and the violence we have seen meted out to immigrants and now Paul Pelosi. Latino voters will do well to remember this for at the end of the day, they too are part of the “replacement” that is being preached by MAGA maggots nationally, regardless of how “white” some may believe they are.

The writer is publisher of NewsAmericasNow.com – The Black Immigrant Daily News

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