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Al B. Sure!, the legendary singer, songwriter, producer, radio host, and social justice activist, released an open letter to fans following his recovery from a life-threatening medical challenge that included a two-month coma. Now, for the first time, the renowned pop star is personally sharing his fight against the odds to pull through and recover.

To my musical family around the world,

Let me start with All Praise Due to Allah. Thank you for granting me life, this opportunity, and this platform to share my journey with those who are genuinely invested with care and concern for my health and wellbeing. I want to send a personal and sincere thank you to all of you who sent prayers, well wishes and positive energy my way. I felt each and every one of them!

This unforeseen medical roller coaster has been a complete life-changing experience. I now value everyday functionality like walking, talking, and breathing on your own with no assistance from a medical professional or machines. Take none of those things for granted.

Here is an abbreviated version of events:

In early to mid-July, I was wrapping up a lunch meeting and headed back to the studio to continue working on a project. As I sat down in front of the computer, I began to lose feeling on the entire left side of my body. I fell over. Fortunately, my phone was within reach, and I was able to call for assistance. I only remember sitting in the ER in a wheelchair and my brother, DJ Eddie F, standing next to me speaking with security.

It was not until October that I was made fully aware of what had transpired and able to start to comprehend it all. I had multiple surgeries covering everything from repairing a hematoma/hernia to an organ transplant. I was also placed on dialysis, accumulated excessive fluid in my lungs, fungal pneumonia, became septic, had lymph nodes removed, multiple blood transfusions, was intubated and placed on a ventilator due to my oxygen dropping down to 20%. All mind boggling at the least. It just doesn’t jell.

I am now the proud over of a chevron-shaped scar where the doctor entered my chest and abdominal cavity to repair my broken parts. That’s the best description I can give without going into the unsavory, morbid-sounding details. Being heavily sedated, asleep, and in a coma during a portion of my hospitalization, to learning that the amazing medical staff were fully prepared to send me to hospice due to the severity of my condition was unbelievable. Doctors said it just didn’t look as if I’d make it through with everything going on simultaneously. My brother DJ Eddie F, my primary physician Dr. K, Civil Rights icon Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rachel Noerdlinger were firm advocates, stating, “No hospice, he’s strong enough to survive this medical adversity.”

Thank God I’m alive, alert, gradually healing and forever grateful for my time being extended on His green earth. I’m maintaining a positive mindset throughout this healing process.

To be completely transparent, everything I’ve gone through is self-perpetuated or otherwise has had me shook to the core but my faith and believe in The Most High has put me in check for a greater life plan moving forward with what He has in store. It has been ordained that I thrive within this second gift of life. Being accountable to myself to achieve consistent health and wellness moving forward is on ME! The responsibility, the will to stay alive, be a better human being, father, brother, son, activist, and man is on ME! What I seek to accomplish and conquer in the future will be monumental, God willing.

Love & Light.

Al B! Sure

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