Next Tuesday, Nov. 8 is the midterm election. While New York is a Blue state, it doesn’t always fall that way. The cities across the state vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats. But in the rural areas of the state the Republicans have the upper hand. That is why this year’s election is so critical. Here in New York, it will come down to turnout.

Which New Yorkers will turn out to vote? What is going to move them from their homes and their offices to the ballot box? Will it be access to reproductive choice, the economy and the cost of living? Or will it be crime and public safety, and gun control? Or could it be education, climate, transportation, or government? Or will it be a combination of a few or all of the aforementioned issues? The truth is the issues are so numerous that we have no choice but to vote. Failing to use our hard fought right is a travesty in itself and when we go to fill in the ballot we need to vote our conscience and our future.

Earlier this election season we endorsed Kathy Hochul for governor.  Her commitment to the people of this state is genuine and her passion for the job real. She has ascended to the role of governor with great dignity. And she has brought accountability and honor back to the position. She is working hard for all New Yorkers and New Yorkers need her to keep on fighting for us. New York needs Kathy Hochul.

Thomas DiNapoli has served this state as its comptroller for over 15 years. As state comptroller he has made this state fiscally more responsive and responsible. He has created avenues to ensure that there is equity within the pension fund world and that communities of color are not the victims but rather victors when it comes to who wins the comptroller’s office. He has also held corporate America accountable for diversity in insisting that the funds New York State invests in have diversity in their organizations. But most of all he is making the pension funds work in a very volatile market and safeguarding the future of the New York State pension fund. For this and many other reasons we endorse Tom DiNapoli once again for NYS comptroller.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James Credit: Contributed

Continuing down the ballot we have New York State Attorney General Tish James. What can we say about AG James? She is a no-nonsense prosecutor who has been at the fore when it comes to taking Trump to task. She has been working hard to keep New Yorkers safe, helping to take over 3,500 guns off of the streets during her four-year tenure as AG through the state’s gun buyback program. Her work to protect women and children has been unwavering and her dedication to the law and her principles unmatched. That is why we again endorse Letitia James for attorney general.

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer Credit: U.S. Senate Photographic Studio/Jeff McEvoy

Also on the ballot is Senator Charles Schumer. Schumer has represented New York for over two decades, and he has been as tireless as he has been visionary in his proposals. He now holds the key to the senate as the senate majority leader.  In this position he controls what bills hit the floor of the senate. Sen. Schumer is New York through and through. A Brooklyn native, Schumer has been in public office for over 40 years, and to say he has served with distinction would be a gross understatement. He delivers for New York, and his legislative accomplishments are peerless in congress. To this end, he delivers for this country and that’s why we need Chuck Schumer. That is why we once again endorse him for United States senator.

Early Voting is open until November 6 and election day is Tuesday, November 8.For more information on where to vote go to

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