The unthinkable, as some say immaculate conception of what is occurring globally, abruptly and in your neck of the woods. The intensity of this full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus at 16 degrees is presence, and your mind is taking a break with Mars in Gemini retrograde calling on your mind to receive and respond to the 411. November is a month of applied pressure, and pressure breaks, pipes and forces things out. Be grounded, listen, and open your heart to love, forgiveness, healing, separation, ending while being connected to mother nature. A time to get out of your own way and uplift yourself with some grit, gumption, and feel-good energy. The moon is conjunct with Uranus in Taurus and Mars retrograde in Gemini indicates electronics not properly working, streetlights not working, possible power outage, contracts ending and a spiritual warfare on your mind/beliefs. The news has so much to say so watch the show at your leisure. Prioritize your needs, wants, plans, agenda, and go deep within to solve issues. Surrender and release old news. Kanye West states in his songs, “Father stretch my hands, you’re the only power that can, God will protect you, I just want to feel liberated, if I ever instigated I’m sorry, tell me who in here can relate.” 

Capricorn: This weekly assignment is attached to an important time-sensitive task while tackling the small task upon completion. Time management is a great tool to insert in your daily plans upon organizing and planning to complete certain tasks. Cappy, you are great at being grounded, practical and concentrating on getting things accomplished. Schedule time out for self between tasks so you won’t overload or catch a brain fog. What may seem like a hefty load promises great deeds and rewards at a designated time. November 7-8, startling things are occurring at once. Smile and say cheese!

Aquarius: It’s time to roll up your sleeve, apply some elbow grease, put in the footwork, and use your hand to start building. A cycle to deliver a message and be a helping hand to someone that crosses your path be it a friend, elder, neighbor, or family member.  Set the tone as you are building a foundation and getting your act together. Limitations are gifts sent to remove any toxic, old, updated patterns to push you forward and clear your path. What occurs three days prior and after November 1 will give you hints of new concepts. 

Pisces: Internally there are questions that need answers. Seek within as you meditate or take a moment of silence to find your answer to your solution. A great week to make room for self-improvement, build your confidence, competence, and have courage to get the things you need done. Ask the universe or someone when you need assistance. Don’t beat around the bush, get straight to the point in a short and sweet dialogue. November 2-3, you are embarking on a new journey.  

Aries: You have powerful forces surrounding you and it’s time to reexamine your current situation. Meditate and contemplate to nurture your spirit to gain insights from your ancestors sending you messages. You’ve been planning, building, and working on projects in secrecy that are almost complete. Until they’re ready, don’t break the silence. You are evolving into a new version of you and if you resist the pressure the universe will propel you. November 4-5, make a move. 

Taurus: Your name is rolling off people’s tongue, and word of mouth is key this week as people are tuning into your messages. You may feel like you astral travel to meet a particular being to have an imperative dialogue or deliver a message. Who said conversation occurs only in person, or over the phone. Letter, e-mail, the spiritual realm has a phone bank and mailbox and most importantly the universe will summon you for an occasion. Travel to a foreign land and short distance travel to other places including running errands. November 7-8 is the activation of the full moon at 16 degrees in Taurus; listen and be prepared for the assignment at hand.   

Gemini: Mars retrograde in Gemini at 25 degrees on October 30 has you on rollback like prices during special holiday. You are intuitively channeling messages straight from the source. The people who are close to or have a connection with can sense your energy. The way you communicate and respond has a different tone. Any contracts and newfound relationships developing need a thorough review. Take your time as your drive and will power is in reboot mode sending mixed signals out. Incorporate an exercise program into your schedule to release any tense energy waiting to be released. A few days prior to November 9, schedule solitude time and a good book or magazine to read. 

Cancer: Out of mind out of sight and you are doing what makes you happy no matter what. You are taking a stand to be devoted to you. In the process shedding comes with the rebuilding of a mature version of you. Incorporate a nice warm bath this week with a foot massage and rub your scalp. Drink plenty of water and hydrated fluids to keep you from having dry mouth. November 2-3, change and new directions are occurring. 

Leo: A month of introspection, partnerships, sudden adventure, and departure is in your forecast. Some form of meeting of the mind is occurring be it telepathy, clairaudience, and intuitively of information or in sync with folk’s emotions.  A cycle of execution, achievement, and fulfillment from past projects you’ve been working on. If there are any issues, be it personal, family or business, it needs to be nipped in the bud before it spreads into the three weeks of the month. Protect your energy this cycle month. November 4-6, in life there are things you just know—no need for explanations. 

Virgo: You are making your dreams real and applying the information and knowledge to your creation. You have the support, be it your immediate family members, friends, your day one as folk say. Brainstorm the blueprint, then start adding a title for each part and before you realize it you finished outlining the blueprint. Next, gather the resources and inventory to make it happen. Once you have everything, add onto your foundation. The process works like magic and produces results. November 7-8, everything is working out as it should.  

Libra: Did you receive the message and did you mail off the package? This is a give and receive cycle. Where your ancestors are directing you to do a certain thing or perform a certain task to serve by tithing be it your time, money, information, helping and giving to someone in need. What commitment are you making to better your life, plans to set things off on its trajectory to see results. Success, romance, finances, investments, duty, and obligation are dancing to a certain rhythm for you. November 1, play your part and everything will be alright two to three days prior and after the 10th of the month. 

Scorpio: The feeling of regeneration is taking place within your body, mind, and spirit so you may feel a shift similar to what occurred November 4-19, 2021. This is a husky cycle that requires husky clothes, shoes, to carry the weight of what’s stored. You sense something magical is happening as you are receiving tingling, itching all throughout your body and noticing signs. Take heed of the information. A cycle of ending and outdated patterns and behaviors fading away ushering the new. November 2-3, acknowledge and own the work you put in and the foundation you built thus far. Harvest time is towards the end of the month. 

Sagittarius: A cycle to fill in the gap by signs, symbols you are receiving, and information retrieved through conversations. What seems like a wait and see game this cycle week, ask for what you need. Also investigate as there is a deeper level to understand something you can’t just yet put your finger or mind on. It will be revealed in due time. Keep nurturing yourself, plans, projects, family while speaking love, light, and affirmation into your life. November 4-6, hug yourself and others as you have the healing sensation touch and through your presence.

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