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Education is the most priceless gift we can give our children. It is more precious than any material gift or benefit they might receive. No home, expensive automobile, or extravagant trip could ever replace and deliver what an education can. That is because an education provides an opportunity to achieve greatness, power, and luxury—it gives its holder the ability to do and succeed in whatever they desire.

The tragic reality persisting throughout the United States is that there are a large number of school systems that are failing. Moreover, these institutions are frequently comprised mostly of minority students, indicating that those who are impacted the most are traditionally the ones who need education the most.

Yet, for too long we have accepted that some schools would be excellent and some will be poor, frequently blaming the students for their lack of interest and tendency toward violence.

The truth is that it is rarely the students fault, but rather the fault of those who make decisions behind closed doors; the real reason for failure, general lack of motivation, and a high inclination towards criminality and violence is the policies implemented and the indifference shown towards these students by school administrators.

The Baltimore City school district is an anomaly when discussing failure. Despite having one of the highest per-student expenditures in the country, this school district is one of the lowest performing, with difficulties that most schools in the United States could not even imagine, no less continuing for decades.

Enrollment rates and average test scores are affected by issues such as ghost students—children who are listed as being enrolled but have either graduated or dropped out—and improper grade promotions, in which pupils are improperly promoted to a higher grade. Even allegations of improper grade inflating have been made.

All of these problems have resulted in a city plagued by crime and adults who cannot read or write above the elementary school level. Despite this, administrators’ and union officials’ coffers have become progressively fat, school funding has increased enormously, and the district has little—if nothing—to show for it.

This is precisely why a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the taxpaying citizens of Baltimore City, who, despite the enormous amounts of money they have paid in taxes that have been funneled into the failing school system for their children, are still suffering from the corruption plaguing these schools.

If you don’t know much about the legal process, you should be aware of one aspect that is absolutely essential for revealing the truth and increasing the transparency of public processes: this is the discovery phase of a legal proceeding.

Discovery is simple; it is simply the process of obtaining information from one’s adversary. This procedure differs significantly from the standard, non-litigation-related technique of obtaining information since it permits you to compel, by court order, every individual who can provide information relevant to the case, including public authorities closely connected to the issue. In addition, documents and correspondence, even private ones, must be produced.

As a consequence of the discovery process, all of the plaintiffs’ findings will become part of the case and public record, with limited exceptions. This means that for the first time in history, we will have a glimpse behind the scenes of a corrupt, failing school district administration. The taxpayers of the Baltimore City school district have a right to know where their money is being spent and, more significantly, why their neighborhoods are in ruin.

The lack of transparency provided by the Baltimore City school district is frequently what I find most startling. The Baltimore City school district is funded by taxpayers, yet officials appear indifferent to people who support them and, at every turn, refuse to disclose what occurs behind closed doors. They have gone so far as to file a motion to dismiss this case, which was defeated.

Moreover, prior to the case, they refused to divulge the results of an internal inquiry they financed with taxpayer dollars into improper grade inflation.

Despite what has transpired in the past, the present and future are promising. Not only will Baltimore City, but the whole United States and even the world, get the opportunity to watch how an educational system can go horribly awry. It will enable everyone to determine for themselves who the perpetrators are, what motivates them, and why they are apathetic to the ruin of their own communities.

This lawsuit’s outcome will serve as a wake-up call for all educational institutions in the United States. It will demonstrate to the parents of failing students that there is hope to find the truth and influence change. The finish line is in sight; it is now only a matter of enabling the attorneys to do what they do best, which is uncover the truth. Stay tuned.

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