Numerically speaking this is an 8 universal month; 8 is ruled by the skeletal system in the body that’s why it’s hard for a doctor to diagnose an issue due to it being hidden. You need to look deeper into the bone tissue of the body. November is a month that is slow moving, park in neutral like going to a hand car wash, then request an interior detail and yes please wax my wheels like a shoe shining. It’s time to come correct on a brand-new accord. Don’t ask what the plan is, have a plan in place to secure yourself, your family, etc. November comes with a shakedown, snap, crackle, pop like Rice Krispies cereal then have you solving a puzzle like the ALPHA-BITS cereal feeling like a lucky charm by month’s end. This is a cycle where you take the lead in your affairs, address any unresolved issues, and work on the internal you to receive your blessing. Call and demand your ancestors and spiritual guides to assist you. They are forever present within the skeletal system of the body. Why is the prefix term meta used to name parts inside of the body, metatarsals near the feet, metacarpals, etc.? According to the Merriam-webster dictionary, “meta means showing or suggesting an explicit awareness of itself or oneself as a member of its category.”

Capricorn: Every being born in the universe has specific talents, skills, expertise, and unique gifts installed within themselves. This is a cycle of rebirthing, purging, and restoring your faith operating on a different scale. The deeper you study your inner self the more information comes to you. Drink plenty of water as your body is going through a metamorphosis just as plants need water to grow. Spiritual revelations, initiations, and conversations are revealed more in detail to understand the messages. Nov. 16-18, instantaneously phenomenal events transpiring. 

Aquarius: A fleet-footed cycle where everything is moving abruptly. Double-check your schedule for overbooking and know your boundaries and limits with people, places, things, or habits. Change occurs at an appointed time to propel you to the next transit. Disagreements, gossip, self-awareness, and your reputation are showing you lessons within your environment. Listening is your best bet and finishing up the workload on your desk. November 9-10, figure out ways to allocate your resources.

Pisces: What’s the plan and the commitment on your agenda? This requires applying love, art, design, your skills, and meticulous items to your creation. In retrospect, what occurred during the second week of February? Take some 411 data and apply it differently to your plans. When you notice your behavior and mood change, it’s time to ask not to get frustrated because your higher self has a message for you. November 11-13, insights and hints come through codes in conversations, messages, signs, symbols, and unusual events. 

Aries:  Your time, effort, sweat, tears, obligations, and investment applied is bearing fruit this month. This is a new chapter in your life which involves long-distance travel, work, communications, and working with foreigners. Organize your plans, review them if needed, and know what you are investing in by reading the contract. This is a major month where personal, business, and family obligations are swinging the bat at you at once, and then there’s all the decision-making. November 14-15, what is the equation and who is in the equation playing a significant role? Do your due diligence and what role are you playing. Make it make sense. 

Taurus: Spiritual forces and protection are surrounding you; I know you can feel them, sense them, see them and some are familiar to you. Communication is occurring through your dreams. The divine source is setting you on another mission. This is your higher self-speaking conveying a message. Certain conversations are meant to be and it is what it is when you experience it. A private invite to an important meeting or meeting an important person. Divine timing is prime time. November 16, you know what you know and find time for solitude to reach the breath of stillness which is a direct link to insights.

Gemini: This is an odd month for you. On the back end of it, it’s great due to the fact that you can see what’s going on internally and analyze the cause and effects. Self-diagnosis plays a role, be it a test or life experience that naturally occurs to get you to pay attention. In the meantime, complete the task you set out to do this week and anything extra someone needs you to do is last. Remember, you made a commitment that changes the way you operate. Stick to it. November 9-10, having boundaries is respecting your peace, time, and mental environment. 

Cancer: Who’s talking, the director, CEO, or the boss as information is coming from the left, right, and out of state or country? Seems like a monkey in the middle and folks are asking you for sound advice or can you do this/that? Listen carefully then ask them to repeat it back to themselves due to the answer being found within the question. A cycle to improve your character and address any issue with family members also leaves time for entertainment. November 11-13, a quick response is required, a yes or no answer and a new career opportunity or gig is presented to you. 

Leo: Let there be light after the darkness, heavy-duty, toughness time has mellowed out from what it appeared to be. It’s not over yet, things are up in the air due to the fact that all the details haven’t been decided yet. This is a rest, health, work, and isolation cycle. After rejuvenation sparks of ideas flow like water and you are ready to decorate or change the scenery up a bit, maybe plan a trip out of the blue. November 14-15, utilize your resources, connections, and people you know to assist you. 

Virgo: Work is booming, and your health is calling on you to follow the signals your body is sending you. The odd and unusual week where spiritually you need a break as unexpected events unfold. Ask for help if needed while you recover and get up early when your body is more highly active before noon. Changes are occurring within your home, work, appearance, exercise agenda, and diet—sounds like a makeover. What seems like a heavy load isn’t much when you concentrate, organize, and prioritize your schedule. November 16, your heart is conveying a message with a certain dialogue and tone, listen more than you speak. 

Libra: You feel highly in tune with yourself––as you should. Information is being revealed, be it you heard it through the grapevine, dreams, or specific conversation; also your spirit guides have privy information for you. Get in touch with your spiritual side in your ways of how you channel the energy from the divine source. Partnerships are a theme. Review contracts and also ask questions if you do not understand. November 10, payoff comes in handy; also news comes out of nowhere and hits you like an airbrush against the back of your neck.

Scorpio: This is an R.O.I. kind of cycle where the money that appeared to be on backorder just to claim interest is being deposited throughout the month. This is always a new cycle to step out on your own and be the Braveheart—you are walking in a new direction. This is a month that requires you to put in the work, invest time and money, and get into action to receive the rewards. Make sure you mail off anything or sign off on any important paperwork after a thorough review. November 11-13, there is a lot in store for you. Something is lagging in your environment.

Sagittarius: Your stomach may not agree with everything you digest. Drink plenty of fluids this cycle and also fresh fruits/vegetables to revitalize yourself. You are looking mighty plump fitting your clothes and your energy is radiant. Check up on your health with your doctor if you feel or sense something is off within your body or if it’s time for a regular checkup. Plans are going well, yet there are hiccups set in motion to show you new details in hindsight. November 14-15, don’t you just love that the universe delivers what you need on time and loves on you?

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